The exhibition was granted provisional FIP patronage in Bandung in August 2017.

Pending publication of the full IREX the following information will be useful to prospective exhibitors.

There will be competitive classes in:

  • Class 1 Championship

For exhibits that have been awarded three Large Gold medals, in three different years, at World Exhibitions held under FIP Patronage during the last ten years

  • Class 2 Traditional Philately
  • Class 3 Postal History
  • Class 4 Aerophilately
  • Class 5 Revenue
  • Class 6 Postal Stationery
  • Class 7 Thematic Philately

7A Nature
7B Culture
7C Science

  • Class 8 Philatelic Literature

An information form will need to be provided for each literature exhibit.
8A Printed Literature: philatelic handbooks, catalogues and periodicals
8B Digital Literature: digital books, websites and software. The precise judging schema for digital literature will be confirmed by 31 December 2019.

  • Class 9 Open Philately
  • Class 10 One Frame

10A Traditional
10B Postal History
10C Postal Stationery
10D Other

  • Class 11 Modern

Exhibits in this class should predominantly contain material that has been issued in the 20 years prior to the exhibition, i.e. 2000. Acceptance will be based on the recommendation of National Commissioners and the discretion of the London 2020 Organising Committee. The 20 year will not be rigidly enforced. If the majority of the material falls inside the 20 year period, it can be shown as a Modern Philately exhibit. As an example of the flexibility that can be accommodated, a long-running definitive series with a time span that covers both before and after 2000 may be included if the majority of the material included is post-2000.
11A Traditional
11B Postal History
11C Postal Stationery
11D Other

  • Class 12 Picture Postcards
  • Class 13 Youth Philately

All ages as on 1 January 2020:
13A Collectors aged up to 15 years
13B Collectors aged 16 - 18 years
13C Collectors aged 19 - 21 years.

Key Dates

  • 30 June 2019 - Completed entry forms received
  • 1 September 2019 - National Commissioners to be advised of acceptance or non-acceptance of entries