The exhibition has been granted FIP patronage .

  • Class 1 Championship

For exhibits that have been awarded at least one large gold medal at exhibitions with FIP patronage or an FIP Grand Prix (Grand Prix National, Grand Prix d'Honneur or Grand Prix d'Exposition). The ten-year time frame restriction stated in GREX 9.1 or GREX 9.5 does not apply in this class.

  • Class 2 Postal History

2A Postal History
2B Marcophily
2C Historical, Social and Special Studies (Postal History 2C)

  • Class 3 Traditional Philately
  • Class 4 Aerophilately
  • Class 5 Revenue
  • Class 6 Postal Stationery
  • Class 7 Thematic Philately
    7A Nature
    7B Culture
    7C Science
  • Class 8 Philatelic Literature

An information form will need to be provided for each literature exhibit.
8A Printed Literature: philatelic handbooks, catalogues and periodicals.
8B Digital Literature: digital books, websites and software.

  • Class 9 Open Philately
  • Class 10 One Frame

10A Traditional
10B Postal History
10C Postal Stationery
10D Other

  • Class 11 Modern

11A Traditional
11B Postal History
11C Postal Stationery
11D Other

  • Class 12 Picture Postcards
  • Class 13 Youth Philately

All ages as on 1 January 2020:
13A Collectors aged up to 15 years
13B Collectors aged 16 - 18 years
13C Collectors aged 19 - 21 years.

Class Schedule

As previously announced, the exhibition will be held in two halves. It has now been finalised:

  • The first half (Saturday 2 May to Tuesday 5 May) will include Postal History, Revenue, Open, Picture Postcards, Postal Stationery, Modern and part of Youth.
  • The second half (Wednesday 6 May to Saturday 9 May) will have Championship, Traditional, Aerophilately, Thematic and the rest of Youth.
  • One Frame exhibits will be shown alongside their parent class.


All National Commissioners received notification of the entries which the Organising Committee wish to accept several weeks ago. Most, but not all, have replied confirming whether the individuals wish to take part. Inevitably several exhibitors have decided that they wish to withdraw, so there will be some further offers made once all responses have been received. As the exhibition was so heavily oversubscribed, I’m afraid there were many applicants who have been disappointed. In the end, approximately two-thirds of applications were accepted. We tried very hard to ensure that  the same percentage of frames was accepted from each country and across each class.
Please direct any enquires to your National Commissioner rather than directly to the central team.