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FrameNumberNameCountryExhibit TitleDescriptionClassIntro Page
01-00018Everaldo Nigro SantosBrazilSouth America - Maritime Postal HistoryHover01-ChampionshipLink
01-00098Daoguang LuoChinaLiquid Bread – Beern/a01-ChampionshipLink
01-00178Jorge Enrique ArbelaezColombiaPre-Philatelic letters with content from Colombia 1531 - 1859Hover01-ChampionshipLink
01-00258James C. JohnsonColombiaColombia pre-philatelic postal services + routesHover01-ChampionshipTBA
01-00338Jean-Jacques TillardFranceThe overprints of St Pierre et Miquelon in the 19th centuryHover01-ChampionshipLink
01-00418Wolfgang BauerGermanyIncoming and Outgoing mail and their destinations from 1827 in the time before Greek stamps and from 1861 with Large Hermes Heads and Combination-Frankings up to 1875Hover01-ChampionshipLink
01-00498William KwanHong KongHong Kong Designs, Proofs, Specimens And Other Archival Materialsn/a01-ChampionshipLink
01-00578András JAKABHungaryThe Use of the Austrian Stamps in Hungary 1850-1867Hover01-ChampionshipLink
01-00658Anil SuriIndiaFiscals of Cochinn/a01-ChampionshipTBA
01-00738Shaula & Kobi AlexanderIsraelTurkish Post In The Holy Land 1841 - 1918 Routes, Rates & Postmarksn/a01-ChampionshipTBA
01-00818Joshua MagierIsraelLand Cultivation From The beginning Of Agriculture To The Present Timen/a01-ChampionshipTBA
01-00898Yukio OnumaJapanL. v. Beethoven - His Life in a Historical Context and his Legacyn/a01-ChampionshipLink
01-00978Kihoon KimKorea, Rep. ofThe History of Taste-A meditational, theoredical, historical and lifestyle study on the transcendential epicurism.Hover01-ChampionshipLink
01-01058Valentin LevandovskiyRussiaRailway Postmarks of the RSFSR and USSRHover01-ChampionshipTBA
01-01138Yuri ObukhovRussiaZEMSTVO STAMPS OF PERM GOVERNORATE (1871-1919)Hover01-ChampionshipTBA
01-01218Emil BuhrmannSouth AfricaCape of Good Hope - the Hope Rectangular during the Victorian PeriodHover01-ChampionshipTBA
01-01298Luis AlemanySpainSpain. Postal History Before U.P.U; Rates During the Isabel II Reign. 1850-1865Hover01-ChampionshipLink
01-01378Douglas StorckenfeldtSwedenIceland until 1901Hover01-ChampionshipLink
01-01458Juerg RothSwitzerlandThe Postal History of the Wynental, Switzerland (1813 - 1908)Hover01-ChampionshipLink
01-01538John Griffith-JonesUnited KingdomThe Missionary Stamps of Uganda 1895 - 99Hover01-ChampionshipLink
01-01618Alan HolyoakeUnited KingdomSecured Delivery leading to the Introduction of UK Registration of Internal, External and Transit mail (1201 - 1862)Hover01-ChampionshipLink
01-01698Alfred KhalastchyUnited KingdomBritish Occupation Issues of Baghdad and IraqHover01-ChampionshipLink
01-01778James Peter GoughUnited States of AmericaUPU and its Impact on Global Postal ServicesHover01-ChampionshipTBA
01-01858Keith KlugmanUnited States of AmericaVictorian Natal 1857-1899Hover01-ChampionshipLink
01-01938Stephen SchumannUnited States of AmericaNew Zealand Postal Stationery 1876-1940Hover01-ChampionshipLink
02-00015Jovan BashoAlbaniaAustrian And Italian Levant In Albanian TerritoryHover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-00065Kozma DashiAlbaniaThe Military Post Offices Of Italy In Albania During WWIHover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-00111Leonard GjançiAlbaniaFrench Protectorate of Korçan/a02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-00128RajaAlbaniaAlbania before its independence (1608-1912): small, difficult and ancient routes connecting two worlds.Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-00208Sergio OliveroArgentinaPostmarks applied on The Rivadavia IssueHover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-00288Andres SchlichterArgentinaMail in Punta Arenas Chile up 1945Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-00368Olivier VillardArgentinaOverseas mail from and to ArgentinaHover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-00448Gary DiffenAustraliaTransportation of Australian Colonial Mail to 1860Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-00528Wayne DonaldsonAustraliaSweden & Great Britain: Mail Connections Until U.P.U.Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-00608Alan GreyAustraliaBritish New Guinea and Papua (1885 - 1942)Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-00688Geoffrey LewisAustraliaHow the 1836 Anglo-French postal treaty made it easier to send mail worldwideHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-00768John PugsleyAustraliaThe Boer War 1899-1902 - Prisoners of War MailHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-00841Gary WatsonAustraliaThe Pre-Seperation Datestamps of MelbourneHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-00851Gary WatsonAustraliaThe Letter Carrier Datestamps of MelbourneHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-00865Günter BaurechtAustriaDIE 8 TÜRKENKRIEGE DER HABSBUERGERHover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-00918Gerald HeschlAustriaAustria Papal States 1815 -1859Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-00998Armin LindAustriaMoney- and Value- Letters in Austria 1770 - 1947Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-01075Fuad ShiraziBahrainPostal Development Of Bahrain During Indian And British Administrationn/a02-Postal HistoryLink
02-01125André BollenBelgiumPostal History of the Ionian Islands. From Venice to Greece (1270 - 1875)Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-01175Alain PierretBelgiumThe use of the King Baudouin Coil Stamps delivered between 1953 and 1973Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-01228Paul WijnantsBelgiumStampless maritime overweight mail in pre-GPU times (1739-1876)Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-01301Almir BufaloBrazilJundiahy/SP - Brazil: Outgoing and incoming (1829 - 1889)Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-01311Marcos ChusydBrazilThe treaty of Bern - Brazil 1877 - 1879Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-01321Sergio MastrorosaBrazilSantos: precursors 1826 - 1889Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-01331Neil DonenCanadaThe 1935 Quetta Earthquake: Impact on Postal ServicesHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-01341Darcy HicksonCanadaSewell Camp Field Post Office, 1915Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-01358David HobdenCanadaIn Defence of the Border - Canadian Military Mails 1828 - 1885Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-01435Robin MooreCanadaNewfoundland: 1840 - 1949 Postal Markings issued to St. John's General Post Office and Sub Post OfficesHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-01481Ingo NesselCanadaHong Kong 1945/6 - Postwar Restoration of Postal ServicesHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-01498J. Kenneth SnelsonCanadaUK Taxe Marks and their Offices of Use in the Centimes EraHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-01575Gregoire TeyssierCanadaCanadian Government Official Mails - 1841 - 1900Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-01628Cristian MouatChilePostal Due Marks and Due Stamps used in the Fined Correspondence within Chile between 1853 and 1924.Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-01705Hong LiChinaPre - Stamp Period of Ecuadorn/a02-Postal HistoryLink
02-01758Xiangrong LiChinaRegistered mail of Chinese Imperial Post(1987-1911)n/a02-Postal HistoryLink
02-01838Xiong ZhangChinaMilitary Mail of the Chinese PLAn/a02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-01911Francisco PerezCosta RicaNon authorized usages of the Christmas stamps "Pro Ciudad de los Niños"Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-01928Giana WaymanCosta RicaPre-stamp Period Of Costa RicaHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-02001Matej GlavićCroatiaNovska - Traveling postn/a02-Postal HistoryLink
02-02011Christakis IoannouCyprusTHE POSTMARKS USED AT THE POST OFFICES OF THE CYPRUS GOVERNMENT RAILWAY 21.10.1905 - 31.12.1951.Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-02028Stelios TheophilouCyprusCYPRUS CIVIL CENSORSHIP 1914 - 1959Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-02108Miloš ČervinkaCzech RepublicDevelopment of postal services in Děčín regionHover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-02185Lubor KuncCzech RepublicAustro-Hungarian Field Post 1914 - 1918Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-02238Vít VaníčekCzech RepublicPostal History of Czech Lands (from the beginning until 1867)Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-02311Søren GadeDenmarkDanish West Indies: Mail With The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company To Denmark 1842 - 1877 Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-02321Diego VasconezEcuadorMARITIME OUTGOING MAIL FROM ECUADOR 1850s to 1880Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-02335Nael HamdyEgyptThe postal history of Egypt 1875 -1913Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-02381Alaa MassoudEgyptPalestine – Foreign Post Offices ( Ottoman Empire) ( 1870 -1914 )Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-02391Alaa MassoudEgyptSeamen’s Home Post Office (Alexandria – Egypt 1906 -1955)Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-02401Alaa MassoudEgyptSimon Arzt – Port Said (1890 – 1954)Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-02418Mamdoh MoslyEgyptThe Delta Collection (Egyptian Postal History 1700 -1879)Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-02495Ants LinnardEstoniaPostage Payment Instruments As A Reflection of Estonia's Development in 1918-1940n/a02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-02545Janne SahlsteinFinlandThe Postal History of Postcard in Finland 1871- 1922Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-02598Brigitte AbensurFranceWhen the "Perforated Empire" stamps travelled outside FranceHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-02675Didier AndrivonFranceMail franked with postage stamps from Paris district post offices, 1852-1863Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-02725Laurent BonnefoyFranceThe 5 F Merson-Type (Metropolitan France 1900-1932)Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-02771Daniel BringerFranceScottish National Antarctic Expedition (1902-1904)Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-02785Francis CarcenacFranceCombination Covers: France And World Stamps To 1900Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-02831Louis FanchiniFranceThe first emission of the Russian offices of Rethymnon, Creta (May 1st, 1899) in 1898, CreteHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-02841Louis FanchiniFrancePost office of the Therisson rebels, Crete (August 30 th, 1905 - November 2nd, 1905)Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-02855Maurice HadidaFranceMarocco Postal History : The local and Cherifien posts (1891-1913)Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-02901Dominique HardyFranceShipment of photographies (in the 19th Century in France)Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-02915Serge KahnFranceCharcot in the AntarcticHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-02961Ute DorrGermanyThe Orient-Express 1883 - 1914Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-02975Holger Rudolf EversGermanyThe Postal History of the Faroes Islands till 1945Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-03028Rainer FuchsGermanyOverland Mail Baghdad - Haifa 1923 - 1948Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-03108Franz Josef GünnewigGermanyNorway - Germany, Postal History on mail transport et vice versa up to the foundation of the UPUHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-03188Karlfried KraussGermanyPrussia and the German-Austrian Mail with Belgium 1830 - 1875Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-03265Sven MartensGermanyThe postal rates development of the German Imperial Post since the effectiveness of the uniform currency 1875 up to 1889Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-03315Carla MichelGermanyTaxe Perçue-Postmarks of the People´s Republic of ChinaHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-03361Christian SpringerGermanySaxony letters during the 30 YEAR WAR 1618 - 1648Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-03371Renate SpringerGermanyThe Saxon Military Post of the Napoleonic Era 1806 - 1818Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-03385Klaus WeisGermanyLocal postmarks on the subsequent Baden area between 1723 and 1871Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-03438María DíazHondurasHonduras PrephilatelyHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-03515Mauricio MejiaHondurasPostal history of air routes on HondurasHover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-03568Francis AuHong KongEarly Mail of China 1753 - 1845Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-03648Charles ChanHong KongTreaty Ports Cancellations of Br. P.O. in China & Japan on Hong Kong Stamps 1862-1930Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-03728Robert SchneiderHong KongMalta Postal History In The Early Adhesive Periodn/a02-Postal HistoryLink
02-03805Ivan, Chi Fai WongHong KongCancellations on 1880-1882 issues of Hong Kong Queen Victoria 2 centsHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-03855Siu Po WongHong KongThe Development of Fukien Postal Services (During Chinese Imperial and Republican Periods)Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-03908Dénes CzirókHungaryThe Development of Letter Mail in Hungary 1750-1850Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-03985Hjalti JóhannessonIcelandIcelandic Crown CancelsHover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-04035Parvesh GuptaIndiaImperial Durbar's of Delhin/a02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-04088Fadli ZonIndonesiaThe Netherlands Indies Postal Cancellation 1789 - 1914Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-04168Tamujin ShahrokhIranA Study of Persian Postmarks 1876-1937Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-04245Stan ChallisIrelandIrish Registered Mail 1841 - 1922Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-04295Anthony HughesIrelandThe Post Office in Westmeath 1830 - 1860Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-04348David SweeneyIrelandThe Kingdom of Italy and the Great War 1914 to 1923Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-04428Itamar KarpovskyIsraelThe Turkish Post In Palestine 1850 - 1918n/a02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-04508Yacov TsachorIsraelFrance - The Perforated Ceres: Rates, Routes And Postmarks 1871 - 1878n/a02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-04588Claudio ManzatiItalyExpress service in Italy: 1890-1946 and its precursors from 15th centuryHover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-04668Vittorio MoraniItalyTuscany 1836 to UPU: Letter mail in, from and to Tuscany: routes, rates and chargesHover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-04748Giovanni NembriniItalyMail from the Kingdom of Italy to foreign countriers 1863-1879Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-04828Franco RigoItalyVenice, the contagion, the quarantine, the disinfection... (postal history of the health office from the 16th to the 19th century)Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-04908Angelo TeruzziItalyThe postal relations between the Kingdom of Sardinia/Italy and the Austrian Empire 1844-1875Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-04985Aniello VeneriItalyItalian Postal Services Development 1945-1957Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-05038Fumihisa ItoJapanGerman Inflation 1922-1923n/a02-Postal HistoryLink
02-05111Tomoyuki IwasakiJapanAdvertised Postmarks in Japann/a02-Postal HistoryLink
02-05128Akihiko KoiwaJapanIndian Campaignsn/a02-Postal HistoryLink
02-05208Jung-Suk KimKorea, Rep. ofThe Postal History in KOREA under U.S.M.G. 1945-1948Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-05288Young Kil KimKorea, Rep. ofPostal History of Great Josun and Imperial Daehan 1884-1905Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-05368Ilho ShongKorea, Rep. ofJapanese Post Offices in Korea : 1876-1910Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-05441Khaled Abdul MughniKuwaitKUWAIT "POSTAGE DUE' AND CONNETED INSTRUCTIONAL MARKINGHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-05451Khaled Abdul MughniKuwaitMail between Kuwait & Palestinian: Boycott…. Censorship…. NationalizationHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-05468Khaled Abdul MughniKuwaitKUWAIT POSTAL HISTORY - INDIAN ERA 1896-1949Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-05545Ali Al RaisKuwaitKuwait Postal History 1878-1958Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-05595Yurij KhripkovMoldovaField mail & military censorship Russian Empire in 1914-1918Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-05645Anatoly PedoshenkoMoldovaMilitary correspondence in Russian Empire in WWIHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-05695Sander PietersNetherlandsDutch Mail With Stamps To Foreign Countries Till They Become Member UPUHover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-05745Adrianus RuiterNetherlandsBritish Postal Mechanisation until the early 80'sHover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-05798Hans van der HorstNetherlandsThe Netherlands; foreign mail world war IIHover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-05875Deo van WijkNetherlandsThe Netherlands Antilles Early Mail 1697-1875Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-05928Hotze WiersmaNetherlandsBorder-cross mail 1668-1810 exhibited by letters related to Holland.Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-06008David LoeNew ZealandThe postal history of the Allied Forces in Iceland in World War IIHover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-06088Tony SchluterNew ZealandNew Zealand's Postal History to 1874Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-06165Finn BjorkeNorwayThe Norwegian prestamp cancellations 1845-1854Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-06215Inge JohansenNorwayThe Bicycle - The messenger of deathHover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-06268Tom KomnaesNorwayNorway skilling covers - domestic and abroadHover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-06341Jan LauridsenNorwayRUSSIA VIA VARDØ. The steamshiproute Archangel - Vardø 1876 - 1920Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-06351Eivind LundNorwayEcuadorian postal rates. The first postal tax period 1.1.1920 -31.12.1924Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-06368Eigil TrondsenNorwayCUNARD LINE: The ships and the Transatlantic Mail 1840 - 1867, The Monopoly years.Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-06445Syed Imtiaz HussainPakistanPostal History Of Palestine (1882-1948)Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-06495Adnan Hussain NanjeePakistanPost Ottoman - IraqHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-06548Julian AuleytnerPolandBeginning of the Post in Independent Poland Nov. 1918-1920Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-06621Przemysław DrzewieckiPolandThe Polish Army of General Anders in the USSR in Postal Documentation 1941-1942Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-06638Luís BarreirosPortugalPortugal and Colonies- Pre Stamp Periodn/a02-Postal HistoryLink
02-06715Bento DiasPortugalDaman and Diu Cancelations and Postmarksn/a02-Postal HistoryLink
02-06768Alexander MramornovRussiaMonetary and insured correspondence of Russia (1780-1917)Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-06848Saad Mohammed AldreesSaudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia Postal History 1857 - 1934Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-06925Péter CsicsaySlovakiaPostal History of Kingdom of Hungary 1900 - 1918.Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-06971Branko MorenčičSloveniaItalian Railway Postmarks in Slovene LittoralHover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-06988Hugh AmooreSouth AfricaHow Official Mail was handled in the Cape of Good Hope 1800 - 1910Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-07068Herbie SchafflerSouth AfricaNorth German Confederation 1868 to 1872Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-07141Eugenio De QuesadaSpainMail in hand with "Chasquis" in the Vice Royalty of New Granada S. XVIII and XVIIIHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-07158Miguel Gonzalez SaucedoSpainPostal History of the "Cadiz" CountyHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-07238Juan Antonio Llacer GraciaSpainPostmarks of Valencia Kingdom 1566-1875Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-07315Rafael Eduardo Perez GómezSpainMaritime mail to Canary Islands and OverseasHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-07368Stefan HeijtzSwedenBarbados Postal History 1656-1881Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-07445Adriano BergaminiSwitzerlandThe Independent Hungarian Postal Administration to UPU (1867-1875)Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-07498Kjell NilsonSwedenSwedish Postal History 1939-1948 - "The Swedish Mail and the War"Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-07578Björn SohrneSwedenRussian Influence On Persia’s Early Postal Development And Its Longstanding Consequences. 1850s-early 1920s - How a forceful neighbor opened up Persia and indirectly transformed it into a Geopolitical State of Importance. However, a most uneasy relationshipHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-07655Jean-Louis CordierSwitzerlandMexican Revolution - Constitutionalist Local OverprintsHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-07708Richard SchaeferSwitzerlandSwiss Letter Mail during the first Federal Period 1849 -1854. Cantonal- and Transitional Stamps, Locals and Rayon I, II and IIIHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-07788Eric SchererSwitzerlandPrepaid Reply Cards in International MailHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-07868Robert WightmanSwitzerlandCommemorative Issues in the International Posts 1860-1920Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-07945Tarik AlirezaTurkeySaudi Arabia: Development of the Ottoman Postal Service (1801-1919)Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-07998Atadan TunaciTurkeyOttoman Railway Postal HistoryHover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-08078Josef LyubininUkrainePostal history of Kiev province 1708-1925n/a02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-08155Igor SemenovUkrainePostal history of Odessa in 1798-1900.Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-08208Shafiq Umar AwanUnited Arab EmiratesPostal Markings Of Britainn/a02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-08288Thomas JohansenUnited Arab EmiratesPostal Developments In The Gulf During The British Postal Administrationn/a02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-08361Anthony BardUnited KingdomFrom Invasion to Stalemate: The postal history of North Korea during the first year of the Korean War (1950 - 1951)Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-08371Graham BoothUnited KingdomUS Sailing Packets - “Freight Money” 1838 -1845.Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-08381Graham BoothUnited KingdomRoyal Mail Steam Packets - The first two years.Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-08398Graham BoothUnited KingdomThe Cayman Islands Post Office 1829 - 1945Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-08471Joyce BoyerUnited KingdomAustria - change from Schilling to EuroHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-08485Maurice BuxtonUnited Kingdom“For Safe Conveyance” - Registration and its Forerunners in the British postal system c 1705 - 1878.Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-08538Peter ChadwickUnited KingdomCharges and charge marks of British Mails before 1840Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-08618Robert GallandUnited KingdomEvolution of the British Franking SystemHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-08695Guillermo GallegosUnited KingdomThe PrestampPeriod of El Salvador - from Spanish Colony to Independent RepublicHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-08748James Grimwood-TaylorUnited KingdomPostal Reforms of the World 1784 - 1850Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-08828Patricia Grimwood-TaylorUnited KingdomSouth Australia - The Postal History to 1891Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-08908Howard HughesUnited KingdomThe Maltese CrossHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-08988Chris KingUnited KingdomSlesvig: From Danish Duchy to Prussian Province - Early Mail to 1867Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-09065Michael LocktonUnited KingdomThe Exeter Penny Post and Twopenny PostHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-09115Robert McMillanUnited KingdomHull Postal HistoryHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-09165Margaret MorrisUnited KingdomAstronomical Communication (1742 - 1899)Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-09218Hugh OsborneUnited KingdomSouth Georgia Postal History, including Visiting Antarctic Expeditions, 1841 -1945Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-09295Anthony PlumbeUnited KingdomBiafran Postal HistoryHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-09345Alan RothwellUnited KingdomTristan da Cunha - a life in exileHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-09391Gregory SpringUnited KingdomThe Scottish Additional Halfpenny Mail Tax Applied in LondonHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-09405Ronald WatsonUnited KingdomThe Development of the British Postal agencies in Morocco 1886 - 1919Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-09455Richard WheatleyUnited KingdomNetherlands East Indies:Mail Routes during World War IHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-09505John BarwisUnited States of AmericaCarrying the Mail from VictoriaHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-09551Robert BenninghoffUnited States of AmericaThe Collection of Postage Due fees in IrelandHover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-09568Carol BommaritoUnited States of AmericaUS Mail To, From and Through GB 1840-1875Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-09645Seref BornovaliUnited States of AmericaPostal History of the Italian Social RepublicHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-09698Jeffrey ForsterUnited States of AmericaThe US 1869 Pictorial Issue Used in Int'l MailsHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-09775Robert ForsterUnited States of AmericaNova Scotia Colonial Postal HistoryHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-09828Larry GardnerUnited States of AmericaMorocco Foreign Post Offices and AgenciesHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-09901Chip GliedmanUnited States of AmericaMail Routes of Rupert's Land, Br N AmericaHover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-09915Vesma GrinfeldsUnited States of AmericaLatvia Postmarks and Postal Routes of the PrHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-09965Jerry H MillerUnited States of AmericaFrom Hill to Bickerdike Experimental MachineHover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-10015Myron PalayUnited States of AmericaJapan's Wars, 1894-1911Hover02-Postal HistoryTBA
02-10061Dickson PrestonUnited States of AmericaU.S. Army Post Offices in Greenland 1941-45Hover02-Postal HistoryLink
02-10075Mark SchwartzUnited States of AmericaThe Postal History of Salem, MassachusettsHover02-Postal HistoryLink
03-00015Hector CarratuArgentinaSan Martin 1917-1923Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-00068Miguel CasiellesArgentinaArgentina San Martin in Oval IssueHover03-TraditionalTBA
03-00148Juan Martin D agostinoArgentinaArgentina 1892-1899 San Martin Rivadavia yHover03-TraditionalTBA
03-00228Pablo ReimArgentinaCorrientes 1856-1880Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-00305Sarah HarveyAustraliaHong Kong George V definitives 1912-37, including China overprints.Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-00358Philip LevineAustraliaGold Coast Queen Victoria and King Edward VIIHover03-TraditionalLink
03-00438Harry LowerAustraliaSouth Australia's "Postage" long stamps.Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-00511Gordon MonkAustraliaA Study of the Australian KGV 1d Die Issue 3Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-00528Gordon MonkAustraliaSurface printed Varieties of the Australian KGV 1dHover03-TraditionalLink
03-00605Anthony PresgraveAustraliaThe Departmental Stamps of South Australia 1868 - 1874Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-00655Vijay ShuklaAustraliaIndia - Handstruck Scinde Dawk and Lithograph Issues (1685 - 1867)Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-00701Paul XavierAustraliaTerritory of Papua & New Guinea. 1964 Health Services Commemorative Issue,Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-00715Herbert KotalAustriaUNGARN 1867 - 1887Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-00765Mannan Mashhur ZarifBangladeshPost Liberation Provisional Issues Of Bangladeshn/a03-TraditionalLink
03-00815Jacques BenchimolBrazilDOM PEDRO II - EMPEROR OF BRAZIL AMERICAN & CONTINENTAL BANK NOTE ISSUES - 1866 – 1878.Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-00861Fernando Moreira dos SantosBrazilThe search for the true story of the not issued Cottens EssayHover03-TraditionalLink
03-00875Rubem Porto JuniorBrazilBrazil ABN Issue (1906 - 1917)Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-00928José Carlos Vasconcellos dos ReisBrazilDom Pedro II (1866 - 1878)Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-01008Fred FawnCanadaCanada - Large Queens 1868 - 1896 The First Stamps Printed in CanadaHover03-TraditionalLink
03-01088Anestis KaragiannidisCanadaThe Small Hermes Heads of Greece 1886 -1901Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-01161John G. McEntyreCanada1855-59 10 pence: Canada's First Trans-Atlantic rate stampHover03-TraditionalLink
03-01178Mary PughCanadaGreat Britian: George V Commemorative Stamp IssuesHover03-TraditionalLink
03-01255Stuart ReddingtonCanadaLine Engraved Issues of Great Britain 1840 - 1841Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-01308Rodrigo BravoChileFirst Issues of ChileHover03-TraditionalLink
03-01388Jiangtao SunChinaChina’s Liberated Areas Stamps(1930-1950)n/a03-TraditionalLink
03-01468Ricardo BoteroColombiaClassic Colombia - The first six issues (1859 - 1863)Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-01541Alfredo FrohlichColombiaReplating Colombia's 1861 1 Peso stampHover03-TraditionalTBA
03-01555Alfredo FrohlichColombiaColombia - The last classic issue - 1866Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-01608Alvaro Castro-HarriganCosta RicaCosta Rica: The 1907 IssueHover03-TraditionalLink
03-01688Alexander RomeroCosta Rica1941 - Issues of Universidad de Costa Rica FoundingHover03-TraditionalLink
03-01761Pablo SaumaCosta RicaCommemorative Stamps for Costa Rica´s Second Philatelic Exhibition of 1937Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-01778Željko GubijanCroatiaAlbania 1913 - 1922n/a03-TraditionalTBA
03-01851Aleš MarinšekCroatiaThe First Croatian WWII Local Issue - Local Issue of Međimurje, 1941n/a03-TraditionalLink
03-01861Željko RedžepCroatiaTrappist Cheese from Banja Luka, Bosnian/a03-TraditionalTBA
03-01875Akis ChristouCyprusSilver Jubilee of King George V - 1935 : AustraliaHover03-TraditionalLink
03-01921Tomáš AmlerCzech Republic1927 4th Postage Due Provisional issue (CHAINBRAKER) 50/150hHover03-TraditionalTBA
03-01938Miloš HauptmanCzech RepublicCzechoslovakia 1950 - 1961: Multi stamp Flat Plate Printing form Steel EngravingHover03-TraditionalTBA
03-02018Jaromír PetříkCzech RepublicAfghánistán 1871 - 1900Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-02095Václav ŠrautCzech RepublicAlbania 1913 - 1945Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-02148Petr TučekCzech RepublicSiam - The Provisional Att Surcharges 1889 - 1899 on Second Issue and its StudyHover03-TraditionalLink
03-02225Ivan Refsgaard JensenDenmarkThe first king of Denmark on the stampsHover03-TraditionalLink
03-02278Torben MalmDenmarkService stamps of Denmark 1871-1924Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-02358Per Friis MortensenDenmarkSLOVENIA 1919 - 1921 The Classic IssuesHover03-TraditionalLink
03-02438Henrik MouritsenDenmarkThe bicoloured ”øre” stamps of Denmark 1875 -1907Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-02518Paul NovoaEcuadorEcuador 1st issue 1865 - 1873Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-02595Jose ValdiviesoEcuadorThe One Cent stamps - Ecuador HeritageHover03-TraditionalLink
03-02645Diego VasconezEcuadorECUADOR OFFICIAL CORRESPONDENCEHover03-TraditionalLink
03-02695Adel HannaEgyptBritish Forces Mail In Egypt 1932 -1941Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-02741Dawoud MessihaEgyptQueen Nefertiti issue 100 overprinted 55mHover03-TraditionalLink
03-02751Kaido AndresEstoniaEstonia Coat Of Arms 0.15 Copeck Issuen/a03-TraditionalTBA
03-02768Valery GlushchuckEstoniaRussian Empiren/a03-TraditionalTBA
03-02848Markku KoivuniemiFinlandThe 1901 and 1911 Eagle Issues of FinlandHover03-TraditionalLink
03-02928Jussi MurtosaariFinlandFinland coat of arms, type 1875Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-03005Kai NieminenFinlandFinland 1856-1865: The Oval and Coat of Arms Stamps in Russian CurrencyHover03-TraditionalLink
03-03058Pekka RannikkoFinlandFinland, The Saarinen Definitive Issue 1917-1930Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-03135Guy DutauFranceSphinx and Pyramid (1867-1875)Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-03185Bernard FurnonFranceTête-bêche and couchés in Zemstvo philatelyHover03-TraditionalLink
03-03235Egon HABEFranceThe Marianne of Decaris in Algeria overprinted E.A. from 07.04.1962 to 01.23.1963Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-03288Rolf BeyerodtGermanySchleswig-Holstein 1850 - 1867Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-03365Heinz RennenbergGermanyThe issues of the k. and k. Austrian postal service in the Principality of Liechtenstein and its postal useHover03-TraditionalLink
03-03418Michael ScheweGermanyKönigreich Sachsen, König Johann-AusgabeHover03-TraditionalLink
03-03498Manfred WiegandGermanyThe German Empire 1875 - 1900: The stamps of the issues Pfennige, Pfennig and Crown and Eagle as well as the 2 Mark postage stampHover03-TraditionalLink
03-03578Cheong-Too ChoiHong KongThe Crown Issue and Surcharges of Macau 1884Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-03658Pang-Chui ShawHong KongHong Kong QEII definitive - The Second Issue (1962 - 1973)Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-03731Siu Po WongHong KongLiberated Area Issues of Anhui ProvinceHover03-TraditionalLink
03-03748Géza HomonnayHungaryThe 1867 Issue of HungaryHover03-TraditionalLink
03-03825László PolgárHungaryPrinting errors and perforation errors on Hungarian stampsHover03-TraditionalLink
03-03875Páll PállssonIcelandVariants on Icelandic Christian IX. Issues Initial, surcharged and official stamps.Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-03925Pradip JainIndiaKing George V Issues of IndiaHover03-TraditionalTBA
03-03978Pragya JainIndiaA study of the First Issues of India (1852-1854)Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-04055K MohanIndiaStudy of the Service Stamps of CochinHover03-TraditionalTBA
03-04101Narendar SabooIndiaPortuguses India - Semi Postal StampsHover03-TraditionalTBA
03-04115Markand WarrenIndiaThe 1929 Air Mail Stamps of IndiaHover03-TraditionalTBA
03-04168Massoud Novin FarahbakhshIranStudy of Early Lion Stamps, 1st & 2nd Portrait Issues in PersiaHover03-TraditionalTBA
03-04241Ali Falah HasanIraqThe I.E.F. 'D' Occupation of Mosul in 1919Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-04255Brian HarmonIrelandBritish Stamp Designs by Andrew RestallHover03-TraditionalTBA
03-04305Brian WarrenIrelandThe Irish Bird Definitives - The Pre-Euro IssuesHover03-TraditionalTBA
03-04355Michael GrossIsrael1948-9 Doar Ivri - The Creation And The Different Paintingsn/a03-TraditionalTBA
03-04408Francesco MeloneItalyNaplesHover03-TraditionalTBA
03-04488Nobuto AriyoshiJapanFrance 1849-1862n/a03-TraditionalLink
03-04568Masayasu NagaiJapanPrivate Printing Period in Victoria 1850-1859n/a03-TraditionalLink
03-04648Tamaki SaitoJapanAustria and Lombardy-Venetia the 1850 issuesn/a03-TraditionalLink
03-04728Yuji YamadaJapanJapan Definitives 1913-1937n/a03-TraditionalLink
03-04805Takashi YoshidaJapanJapan Definitives 1952-1959n/a03-TraditionalLink
03-04858Jan Huys-BerlinginLiechtensteinBelgium’s first issue, the EPAULETTESHover03-TraditionalTBA
03-04935Guy JungblutLuxembourgGrande-Duchesse Charlotten/a03-TraditionalLink
03-04985René MullerLuxembourgEtudes Guillaume IIIn/a03-TraditionalTBA
03-05038Kien Boon GohMalaysiaKingdom of Perlis, 1894 -1957Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-05115Srinivasan ThevarayanMalaysiaMalaya- KedahHover03-TraditionalLink
03-05165Ashok RanaNepalSri Pashupati issues of Nepal, 1907-1950 ADHover03-TraditionalTBA
03-05218Rishi Kumar TulsyanNepalNepal:The prestamp and classic period 1779-1907Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-05298Hannie van GrootheestNetherlandsNetherlands Booklets 1902-1950Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-05375Patricia CapillNew ZealandBarbados - The George V Line Engraved Definitive IssuesHover03-TraditionalTBA
03-05425Grant CliffordNew ZealandThe New Zealand Chalon Issues 1855-1873Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-05475Per Aage SørumNorwayDated margin imprints on Norwegian stamp sheets printed by Chr. H. KnudsenHover03-TraditionalTBA
03-05525Syed Abid HussainPakistanBAHAWALPUR, STATE POSTAL SERVICES - 1933 to 1947Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-05575Khalid MalikPakistanThe Princely State Of Bahawalpurn/a03-TraditionalLink
03-05625Azeem Hakim MandviwallaPakistanThe First Adhesivesn/a03-TraditionalLink
03-05671Saqlain MuhammadPakistanAfghanistan, Definitive Series of 1951Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-05685Isabel VieiraPortugalPortugal Classics- The Issue of Francisco de Borja Freiren/a03-TraditionalLink
03-05738Victor IordacheRomaniaROMANIA 1872-1880Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-05818 Igor KirzhnerRussiaRSFSR. 1918-1923Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-05898Rafael NagapetiantsRussiaArmenia 1919 - 1923Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-05975Vladimir MilicSerbiaThe Kingdom of Serbian/a03-TraditionalTBA
03-06028Pavol LazarSlovakiaCzechoslovakia 1918-1939Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-06101Peter OsuskySlovakiaFirst Modern Sports Stamps of the WorldHover03-TraditionalTBA
03-06111Avi BaritSouth AfricaBasutoland 19612 Decimal overprintsHover03-TraditionalLink
03-06121Chavah BaritSouth AfricaSwaziland : The 1961 Decimal OverprintsHover03-TraditionalLink
03-06131Shimon BaritSouth AfricaGreat Britain : Queen Elizabeth II Value ErrorsHover03-TraditionalLink
03-06145Andrew FischerSouth AfricaNyassa Company - The 1901 King Carlos IssueHover03-TraditionalTBA
03-06198Patrick FlanaganSouth AfricaThe Double Head stamps of Rhodesia and their usage 1910 - 1913Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-06278Francois FriendSouth AfricaKing George V stamps of St Helena 1912 - 1937Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-06355Alan RogersSouth AfricaGreat Britain King George VHover03-TraditionalTBA
03-06405Malcolm SuttilSouth AfricaLine engraved to the 1d Lilac stampsHover03-TraditionalLink
03-06451Juan José de la ParteSpainProvisionals of Faroe IslandsHover03-TraditionalLink
03-06468Benito Gonzalez BugalloSpainCzech Scout Post 1918 (revolutionary period)Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-06545Jan BergSwedenPre-Colonial MadagascarHover03-TraditionalLink
03-06595Mats IngersSwedenLow Denominations 1856-63 - Traditional Philately in the context of Postal HistoryHover03-TraditionalLink
03-06648Jan-Olof LjunghSwedenThe first stamps of the German Empire the Eagle Shield stamps and the 10 and 30 Groschen stamps 1872-1875Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-06728Göran PerssonSwedenThe 1920 Slesvig Plebiscite StampsHover03-TraditionalLink
03-06808Åke RietzSwedenSweden - Circle Type Stamps 1872 - 1879Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-06888EmeraldSwitzerlandImperforate Classics of the World in GreenHover03-TraditionalLink
03-06968Ernst SchluneggerSwitzerlandBritish GuianaHover03-TraditionalLink
03-07048Eric WernerSwitzerlandThe Stamps of the Italian Kingdom issued during the Kingdom of Victor Emanuel IIHover03-TraditionalLink
03-07128Kayhan AkdumanTurkeyStamps of the Government of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (ankara Government 1920-1923)Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-07208Yamaç ErhanTurkeySpecialized Republic of Turkey 1920-1928Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-07288ALİ OzbekTurkeyThe Duloz Issuues of the Ottoman Empire 1865-1882Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-07361Igor SemenovUkraineFirst world spartacist games in Moscow in 1935.Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-07378Ahmad Bin Eisa AlserkalUnited Arab EmiratesAbu Dhabi Stamps 1963 - 1973n/a03-TraditionalTBA
03-07455David AlfordUnited KingdomThe Stamps of the Fiji Islands from 1870 to the sale of unwanted Queen Victoria Issues in 1906.Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-07501Michael BisterUnited KingdomFrance: 1F75 State visit of KGVI and Queen Elizabeth to France - July 1938 - The Discovery of Types I and IIHover03-TraditionalLink
03-07518Abdulla KhooryUnited Arab EmiratesAbu Dhabi From Trucial States To UAEn/a03-TraditionalTBA
03-07598M A SayeedUnited Arab EmiratesHyderabad 1869 - 1950n/a03-TraditionalTBA
03-07675William BarrellUnited KingdomGreat Britain - Postal Reform and development of the Penny Value 1838 - 1858Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-07728Simon Beresford-WylieUnited KingdomGreat Britain: Development and Usage of the World’s First Postage Stamps (1840 - 1841)Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-07805Robin CassellUnited KingdomMulready Caricatures and Pictorial envelopesHover03-TraditionalTBA
03-07858Peter CockburnUnited KingdomThe British Military Administration of MalayaHover03-TraditionalLink
03-07935David CordonUnited KingdomDe La Rue Queen Victoria Stamps and their use.Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-07988Andrew DoveUnited KingdomNew Zealand Definitives showing the head of King George VHover03-TraditionalLink
03-08065Alan DruceUnited KingdomOne Penny and Two Pence Line - engraved Registration Sheet copies 1841 - 1858Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-08118Joseph HackmeyUnited KingdomThe Triangulars Of The Cape of Good Hopen/a03-TraditionalLink
03-08195Terry HarrisonUnited KingdomSt Vincent 1861 - 1897Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-08245Jon HigginsUnited KingdomLabuan Queens Head Design Of Stamps and Poatal StationeryHover03-TraditionalLink
03-08295Richard HobbsUnited KingdomBritish Propaganda Envelopes of the 19th Century used in GB and the USAHover03-TraditionalLink
03-08345Lloyd HoggUnited KingdomUSA 5C Garfield banknote stampsHover03-TraditionalLink
03-08391Philip WaudUnited KingdomThe 4d Jubilee of Queen VictoriaHover03-TraditionalLink
03-08401Philip WaudUnited KingdomThe 2d Jubilee of Queen VictoriaHover03-TraditionalLink
03-08415Stan LawrenceUnited KingdomThe Creation Process of the Gibraltar 1977 Definitive Nature setHover03-TraditionalLink
03-08465Nicholas LevingeUnited KingdomThe Silver Jubilee of King George V, the Commemorative Stamps of CanadaHover03-TraditionalLink
03-08515Alexander McCullochUnited KingdomNew Zealand QEII 1954 - 1960 issueHover03-TraditionalTBA
03-08565Glenn MorganUnited KingdomA stamp is MadeHover03-TraditionalLink
03-08611Malcolm PriceUnited KingdomAustralia - The BCOF Japan 1946 - 1949 Overprint IssuesHover03-TraditionalLink
03-08621Donald RadleyUnited KingdomSpecimen overprints on GB overprintsHover03-TraditionalLink
03-08635Michael RobertsUnited KingdomThe Castle High Values 1955 - 1970Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-08685Atif SarianUnited KingdomThe Second Issue 1867 to 1871 EgyptHover03-TraditionalLink
03-08735Claire ScottUnited KingdomBrunei 1895 - 1916Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-08785John ShawUnited KingdomSouth Africa - The 1926 - 30 DefinitivesHover03-TraditionalLink
03-08835Marcus Sherwood-JenkinsUnited KingdomRussian Socialist Federal Soviet Republic (RSFSR). The 1921 Arts and Sciences 2nd issue.Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-08888Raymond SimpsonUnited KingdomEvolution of British Stamp Perforation 1840 - 1883Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-08961David StalkerUnited KingdomNew Zealand: A study of the 1960 - 1967 pictorial definitives counter rolls.Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-08975Andy TaylorUnited KingdomThe Newspaper postage stamps of AustriaHover03-TraditionalLink
03-09025Garth TaylorUnited KingdomA study of the third issue of Czechoslovakian Air mail stampsHover03-TraditionalLink
03-09078Maggie ThompsonUnited Kingdom1948 - Rebuilding the SaarlandHover03-TraditionalLink
03-09158Yvonne WheatleyUnited KingdomCzechoslovakia: The Masaryk 1920 & Allegory Issues 1920 to 1923.Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-09238Paul WreglesworthUnited KingdomNew Zealand - The “Second Sideface” Issue (1882 - 1900)Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-09318James AllenUnited States of AmericaThe First United States 12c Stamp Series 1851-61Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-09398Akthem Al-ManaseerUnited States of America"In British Occupation" Provisionals BaghdadHover03-TraditionalLink
03-09478Richard DebneyUnited States of AmericaCape of Good Hope, 1853 to 1879Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-09555Bill DiPaoloUnited States of AmericaA Prexie Workhorse - The 15c ValueHover03-TraditionalLink
03-09608Gordon EubanksUnited States of AmericaFirst Federally Issued Postage Stamps of USAHover03-TraditionalLink
03-09688Juan L FarahUnited States of AmericaGreat Britain Penny Red Stars 1850-1864Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-09765Patrick FarrellUnited States of AmericaProduction of the 1893 Columbian Expo issueHover03-TraditionalLink
03-09811Robert BenninghoffUnited States of AmericaThe e Watermark Coil Stps of Ireland 1940-70Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-09828Ian Gibson-SmithUnited States of AmericaThe Hong Kong "China" Overprinted StampsHover03-TraditionalLink
03-09905Chip GliedmanUnited States of AmericaMy Victoria. Imperf Line Engraved pos "CG"Hover03-TraditionalTBA
03-09955Leonard HartmannUnited States of AmericaThe De La Rue Stamps of Confederate States USHover03-TraditionalTBA
03-10005Sandeep JaiswalUnited States of AmericaDhar PhilatelyHover03-TraditionalLink
03-10055Bryant E KornUnited States of AmericaLiberia's Liberty Stamp Issue of 1860-1880Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-10105Michael LeyUnited States of AmericaBurma: The First Two IssuesHover03-TraditionalLink
03-10158Stephen McGillUnited States of AmericaBritain's Marvelous MachinsHover03-TraditionalLink
03-10235David SpivackUnited States of AmericaBritish South Africa Co GV Admiral Bi-colouredHover03-TraditionalLink
03-10288Alfonso ZuluetaUnited States of AmericaAfghanistan: Amanullah Definitives 1920-29Hover03-TraditionalLink
03-10368Eduardo BorbergVenezuelaVenezuela: The First American Bank Note Co. IssuesHover03-TraditionalTBA
03-10441Sandeep JaiswalUnited States of AmericaJammu & Kashmir TelegraphsHover03-TraditionalLink
03-10455Daniel MontesUnited States of AmericaThe Era of Perforated Stamps under Spanish Dominion in CubaHover03-TraditionalLink
03-10505Martin HaritonVenezuelaBooklets of IsraelHover03-TraditionalTBA
04-00015Globe-satArgentinaArgentina Air Mail 1924-1939Hover04-AerophilatelyTBA
04-00065Charles BromserAustraliaWhen the Leaves FallHover04-AerophilatelyLink
04-00118Wady VidalBrazilAir Mail Servie in Brazil - 1925 - 1945Hover04-AerophilatelyLink
04-00191Raymond SimrakCanadaCanadian Pioneer Airmails, 1918-1922Hover04-AerophilatelyLink
04-00201Raymond SimrakCanadaThe S.C.A.D.T.A. System from Canada to Colombia, South AmericaHover04-AerophilatelyLink
04-00215Damir NovakovićCroatiaIntercontinental Air Mail of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia 1923-1941 (study of routes and rates)n/a04-AerophilatelyTBA
04-00268John GodfreyFinlandFinland Airmails 1920-1946Hover04-AerophilatelyLink
04-00348Jean-Daniel AyacheFranceAirmail from and to New Caledonia, 1929-1949Hover04-AerophilatelyLink
04-00425Georg WilhelmsGermanyCatapult Flights and Zeppelinpost of Czechoslovakia 1929 - 1939Hover04-AerophilatelyLink
04-00475Sergio BendeckHondurasHonduras Air Mail 1925-1932Hover04-AerophilatelyLink
04-00525Árni GústafssonIcelandZeppelin Mail to and from IcelandHover04-AerophilatelyTBA
04-00571Pradip JainIndiaEngland - India - Australia, Ross Smith & Beyondn/a04-AerophilatelyTBA
04-00585Ramu Machapalli SrinivasaIndiaRocket Mails of IndiaHover04-AerophilatelyTBA
04-00638JacquardItalySouvenir du siege de Paris 1870-1871. Private mail transported by Ballon-Montés during the Prussian siegeHover04-AerophilatelyTBA
04-00715Luca RestainoItalyThe Balbo Cruise in 1933Hover04-AerophilatelyTBA
04-00765Alberto SavioItalyItaly: interrupted flights mailHover04-AerophilatelyTBA
04-00815Jacques BotNetherlandsFokker during the interbellumHover04-AerophilatelyTBA
04-00865Yngve LundbladNorwayNorwegian airmail to 1950Hover04-AerophilatelyTBA
04-00918Bjorn A. SchoyenNorwayFirst United Kingdom aerial post 1911 - The first Sustained Air Mail Service in the worldHover04-AerophilatelyTBA
04-00998Hallvard SlettebøNorwayZeppelin - the Norway connectionHover04-AerophilatelyTBA
04-01078Dmitry FrenkelUkraineInternational airmail in Russian Empire, RSFSR and USSR in 1870-1940.Hover04-AerophilatelyTBA
04-01155Nicholas ArrowUnited KingdomSouth African Air mailsHover04-AerophilatelyLink
04-01208Joyce BoyerUnited KingdomAustrian Air mail to 1938Hover04-AerophilatelyLink
04-01285Simon Martin-RedmanUnited KingdomSarawak Airmails 1926 - 33 [internal and RAF flights]Hover04-AerophilatelyTBA
04-01331Vitaly GeyfmanUnited States of AmericaFirst Non-Stop Flight NYC to Lithuania 1933Hover04-AerophilatelyLink
04-01348Jerzy Kupiec-WeglinskiUnited States of AmericaAirmail in the Polish Territories (1914-1939)Hover04-AerophilatelyLink
04-01428Semyon MelamedUnited States of AmericaEvolution of Delag International Airmail 1909-Hover04-AerophilatelyLink
05-00018Martin WalkerAustraliaSouth Australia's Revenue Stamps 1886-1966Hover05-RevenueLink
05-00098Mohammed Monirul IslamBangladeshThe Evolution Of The Bengal Court & Tax System c 1600-1880n/a05-RevenueLink
05-00175John HallCanadaThe Canadian Fiscal War Tax Stamps of World War OneHover05-RevenueLink
05-00228Heinz JungeChileThe Fiscal Tax Service of General Use in ChileHover05-RevenueLink
05-00305Anlin WangChinaThe China's Fiscal Stamps Used and Issued in Shensi Provicen/a05-RevenueLink
05-00355Fernan PachecoCosta RicaConsume Tax Stamps of Costa RicaHover05-RevenueLink
05-00401Raudel BustoCubaProvisional Revenues from Cuba in Colonial Period (XVIII Century)n/a05-RevenueTBA
05-00418Károly SzücsHungaryHungary's First Adhesive Revenues during the Forint-Krajcar currency period 1868-1898Hover05-RevenueLink
05-00495Bijoy BiswalIndiaBharatpur State Court Fee & Revenue StampsHover05-RevenueTBA
05-00548Stephen HasegawaJapanThe Hand-Etched Documentary Revenue Stamps of Japan 1873-1874n/a05-RevenueLink
05-00628MohammadKamal SafdalSaudi ArabiaIndian Fiscal StampsHover05-RevenueTBA
05-00708Howard GreenSouth AfricaSouth West Africa Revenue & Allied Tax StampsHover05-RevenueLink
05-00788Ian MathesonSouth AfricaThe Revenue Stamps opf the Cape of Good Hopefrom 1864Hover05-RevenueLink
05-00861David JonesUnited KingdomEgyptian Revenues and RoyaltyHover05-RevenueLink
05-00875Robert NevilleUnited KingdomThe Revenue stamps of Gibraltar 1884 - 1930Hover05-RevenueTBA
05-00925Francis PodgerUnited KingdomStamps Issued and Used in Singapore for Revenue Purposes KGVI -2012Hover05-RevenueLink
05-00971Michael TannerUnited KingdomGloucester & Northamptonshire County Court StampsHover05-RevenueLink
05-00985Anthony WhiteheadUnited KingdomBritish War and National Savings Schemes from World War I to World War IIHover05-RevenueLink
05-01035Paul WoodsUnited KingdomNew Zealand Postal Fiscal Stamps - 1880 - 1931.Hover05-RevenueLink
05-01088Will CsaplarUnited States of AmericaA License & Stamp System for Waterfowl ConsHover05-RevenueTBA
05-01168Michael MahlerUnited States of AmericaU.S. Civil War Fiscal History PanoramaHover05-RevenueLink
05-01248Knut HeisterVenezuelaVenezuela: First Revenues 1871 - 1878Hover05-RevenueTBA
06-00018Alberto VillarongaArgentinaArgentina Postal Stationery 1876-1906Hover06-Postal StationeryTBA
06-00098Michael BlinmanAustraliaNew South Wales Postal StationeryHover06-Postal StationeryLink
06-00175John CourtisAustraliaSpreading the News. A study of Post Office Wrappers of Great BritainHover06-Postal StationeryLink
06-00228Nancy GrayAustraliaAustralian Commonwealth Kangaroo StationeryHover06-Postal StationeryLink
06-00308Malcolm GroomAustraliaTasmanian Embossed Stationery 1883 to 1912Hover06-Postal StationeryLink
06-00385Frank PauerAustraliaAUSTRALIAN AIR LETTERS & AEROGRAMMES 1944-1965Hover06-Postal StationeryLink
06-00438David SmithAustraliaThe Postal Stationery of JamaicaHover06-Postal StationeryLink
06-00511Khalid DarwishBahrainAerograms As Postal Stationery In Bahrain Postal Historyn/a06-Postal StationeryLink
06-00525Rogério DedivitsBrazilWrappers of BrazilHover06-Postal StationeryLink
06-00578Orlin TodorovBulgariaClassic Postal Stationeries of Bulgaria, 1879-1898Hover06-Postal StationeryLink
06-00655Peter HørlyckDenmarkSudan Postal StationeryHover06-Postal StationeryLink
06-00708Khaled MostafaEgyptThe Postal stationery of Egypt 1865 -1930Hover06-Postal StationeryLink
06-00788Juhani PietiläFinlandFinland Postal Stationery Envelopes 1845-1888Hover06-Postal StationeryLink
06-00868Michael FukarekGermanyStationery of Austria - hopeful trials, little demons and big things - up to the end of the monarchyHover06-Postal StationeryLink
06-00945Andreas KesslerGermanyDenmark - Postal Stationery - 10 Öre Coat of ArmsHover06-Postal StationeryLink
06-00998Sigtryggur EythorssonIcelandIcelandic Postal Stationery 1879-1920Hover06-Postal StationeryTBA
06-01075Nicola BurdiatItalyGreat Britain- International Reply CouponsHover06-Postal StationeryTBA
06-01121Enio SpurioItalyCorrespondence postal stationery used in AMG-VG Zone AHover06-Postal StationeryTBA
06-01135Enio SpurioItalyCorrespondence postal stationery in the Free Territory of TriesteHover06-Postal StationeryTBA
06-01185Kazuyuki InoueJapanAerogrammes of Ethiopia 1951-1974n/a06-Postal StationeryLink
06-01231Ian CowanKorea, Rep. ofCounting the Cost - German InflationHover06-Postal StationeryLink
06-01245Wim TukkerNetherlandsThe predecimal lettercards of AustraliaHover06-Postal StationeryTBA
06-01298Hans van DooremalenNetherlandsUSA POSTAL CARDS 1873-1913Hover06-Postal StationeryTBA
06-01378Muhammad Arif BalgamwalaPakistanPOSTAL STATIONERY OF BRITISH INDIA OVPT. PAKISTAN 1947 - 1949Hover06-Postal StationeryLink
06-01455Paulo Pedroso DiasPortugalEmbossed Postal Stationery of Portugal Mainland- King Luis I issuesn/a06-Postal StationeryLink
06-01508Luis FrazãoPortugalThe First Postal Stationery Issue of the Portuguese Colonies (King Luis issue 1885-1903)n/a06-Postal StationeryLink
06-01588Nikola LjubicicSerbiaPostal Stationery of Serbia Types and Usage 1875 - 1916n/a06-Postal StationeryTBA
06-01661Igor PircSloveniaCorrespondenz-Karte/Listnica 1871-1875Hover06-Postal StationeryTBA
06-01671Staffan FerdénSwedenSwedish Overseas Rate Postal Stationery Issues 1879-1894Hover06-Postal StationeryLink
06-01685Lars-Olof NilssonSwedenThe first formular cardsHover06-Postal StationeryLink
06-01731Peter Fink, SeniorSwitzerlandChristmas Aerogrammes World War IIHover06-Postal StationeryLink
06-01745Ray HarrisUnited KingdomNigeria Sterling Period AerogrammesHover06-Postal StationeryLink
06-01798Neil SargentUnited KingdomGB Queen Victoria Stamped to order Envelopes 1855 - 1901Hover06-Postal StationeryLink
06-01878Behruz Nassre-EsfahaniUnited States of AmericaPersia, Qajar Postal Stationery 1876-1925Hover06-Postal StationeryTBA
06-01955Richard SollyUnited KingdomEarly development of postal Orders and Postal Notes in the British Empire as supplied by De La Rue.Hover06-Postal StationeryLink
06-02005Claire Nutik-NogidUnited States of AmericaPostal Stationery of the Palestine Mandate 19Hover06-Postal StationeryLink
06-02058Pedro MeriVenezuelaVenezuela: Postal Stationery, New OrderHover06-Postal StationeryTBA
07-00015Daiana CasiellesArgentinaMy friend's DogHover07-ThematicTBA
07-00068Daryl KibbleAustraliaMessage Behind the Angel Story: God's Redemption of MankindHover07-ThematicLink
07-00148Linda LeeAustraliaFlower MagicHover07-ThematicLink
07-00225Rudolf SpielerAustriaA day at the racetrack, Grand Prix of…..Hover07-ThematicLink
07-00275Morshed HasanBangladeshThe Tiger (Panthera Tigris) Last Era Of Live Tiger In Wildn/a07-ThematicLink
07-00321Mannan Mashhur ZarifBangladeshLaments Of A Donkeyn/a07-ThematicLink
07-00335Andreas HeirweghBelgiumA la découverte de l’ Or BlancHover07-ThematicLink
07-00388Johann VandenhauteBelgiumChocolate, drink of the Gods, but now a pleasure for you and me.Hover07-ThematicLink
07-00465José Ricardo BarrettoBrazilBlessed are youHover07-ThematicLink
07-00515Reinaldo Estevão de MacedoBrazilRivers hardnessed - energy in libertyHover07-ThematicLink
07-00565Braz Martins NetoBrazilThe Law and its rules – Defense e Violation.Hover07-ThematicLink
07-00618Pu ChenChinaThe Largest Church in The Smallest State - St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican Cityn/a07-ThematicLink
07-00698Da'an LinChinaTobacco - From Popular In The World To The Global Controln/a07-ThematicLink
07-00775Zhenlin XiaChinaRosen/a07-ThematicLink
07-00821Davor GrobenskiCroatiaGeodesy - Geodetic Instrumentsn/a07-ThematicTBA
07-00838Kaido AndresEstonia400 Years Of University Of Tartu (People And Circumstances)n/a07-ThematicTBA
07-00918Félix AlbeFranceOrdinary or festive Sunday, social phenomenonHover07-ThematicLink
07-00998Alain IsraelFranceThe red cross from solferino to modern timesHover07-ThematicLink
07-01075Françoise ReviglioFranceMalariaHover07-ThematicLink
07-01125Shanti RathIndiaBeyond the Stripesn/a07-ThematicTBA
07-01175Bijayshree RoutrayIndiaGlobal WarmingHover07-ThematicTBA
07-01228Lallan SinghIndiaHows and Whys of BirdsHover07-ThematicTBA
07-01308Gita NoviandiIndonesiaOne World, One PromiseHover07-ThematicTBA
07-01388Akinori KatsuiJapanA History of the Telephonen/a07-ThematicLink
07-01461Masaru KawabeJapan"Entry of the Crusaders in Constantinople" by Eugene Delacroix. The client's purpose and the painter's expressionn/a07-ThematicLink
07-01478Sang Boom RyooKorea, Rep. ofStories about Weather and ClimateHover07-ThematicLink
07-01555Anuar Bashah Mohd SohoreMalaysiaA place to be with ALLAH - MosqueHover07-ThematicLink
07-01605Yurij IninMoldovaLeonardo da Vinci. Life, Heritage, Recognition.Hover07-ThematicLink
07-01658Turid VeggelandNorwayBitter Pills and Strong DropsHover07-ThematicTBA
07-01738Peter SuhadolcSloveniaThe Conquest of the Unprofitable World. A History of MountaineeringHover07-ThematicTBA
07-01818Jean-Marc SeydouxSwitzerlandOur Father the SunHover07-ThematicLink
07-01895Wendy BuckleUnited KingdomPaper, past and presentHover07-ThematicLink
07-01948David GriffithsUnited KingdomHere be DragonsHover07-ThematicLink
07-02025George HenshilwoodUnited KingdomHaving fun with NumbersHover07-ThematicLink
07-02078Lesley MarleyUnited KingdomA Whale’s TaleHover07-ThematicTBA
07-02158Brian SoleUnited KingdomGo by Cycle!Hover07-ThematicLink
07-02235Alan WatsonUnited KingdomHeraldry: The Gentle ScienceHover07-ThematicLink
07-02288Peter WeirUnited KingdomLiquid of Life - Blood, from an Ancient Myth to a Modern MedicineHover07-ThematicLink
07-02361Mark MaestroneUnited States of AmericaMen's Gymnastics: Dressed to WinHover07-ThematicTBA
07-02375Bruce MarsdenUnited States of AmericaSwiss Fondue- Switzerland hrough PhilatelyHover07-ThematicLink
07-02421Hal VogelUnited States of AmericaGreat Britain's Greatest Irish Polar ExplorerHover07-ThematicLink
07-02435Enzo BelliniUruguayThe Turtles: a singular evolutionary successHover07-ThematicTBA
07-02485Oscar RodriguezUruguayThe Field Artillery PieceHover07-ThematicTBA
09-00011David FiggAustraliaGeneral Douglas MacArthur - Defender and Liberator of the PhilippinesHover09-Open PhilatelyLink
09-00021Ross NewtonAustraliaApollo 13 - A Successful FailureHover09-Open PhilatelyLink
09-00035Ian SadlerAustraliaJapanese Conquest and Defeat in WWIIHover09-Open PhilatelyLink
09-00088Roland de SwaefBelgiumThe Belgian, hereditary and parliamentary MonarchyHover09-Open PhilatelyLink
09-00161DonCanadaEpic of Vimy - A Canadian PilgrimageHover09-Open PhilatelyLink
09-00175Stefanos StefanouCyprusTHE CYPRUS GOVERNMENT RAILWAY 1905-1951, THE ROUTE THROUGH STATIONS SIDINGS AND HALTSHover09-Open PhilatelyLink
09-00228Jiří KrausCzech RepublicFinding Antarctica - The Finding More of itHover09-Open PhilatelyTBA
09-00308Iva MouritsenDenmarkA Royal Ménage à Trois and its Historical ConsequencesHover09-Open PhilatelyLink
09-00385Patrick CaseyIrelandELIZABETH REGINA - Her Life, Times and LegacyHover09-Open PhilatelyTBA
09-00435Alan FarrellIrelandAspects of Cook's Voyages in the Pacific 1768-1779Hover09-Open PhilatelyTBA
09-00485John FitzsimonsIrelandMozart….From Prodigy to GeniusHover09-Open PhilatelyTBA
09-00538Wayne WrightIrelandCoaching Ways and Coaching Days in Great Britain and Ireland (Previous entry and title: The Coach is Coming Clear the Way - 5 Frames)Hover09-Open PhilatelyTBA
09-00615Massimiliano BrunoItalyKicking up the pastHover09-Open PhilatelyTBA
09-00665Alessandro Di TucciItalyThe ball, the heart of footballHover09-Open PhilatelyTBA
09-00715Marius MunteanRomaniaFrom Continental Caoutchouc & Gutta Percha CO. Continental AG.Hover09-Open PhilatelyTBA
09-00761Alojz TomcSloveniaBritish Roadside Pillar BoxesHover09-Open PhilatelyTBA
09-00775James FindlaySouth AfricaWorld War I : The Union of South Africa Imperial volunteer forces in European, Egyptian & German East Africa campaignsHover09-Open PhilatelyLink
09-00828Pasquale PoloItalyThe world cycling championships "trough the colours of the rainbow jersey"Hover09-Open PhilatelyTBA
09-00905Per BunnstadSwedenMy revenge on World Cup in footballHover09-Open PhilatelyLink
09-00958John DaviesUnited KingdomA Jubilee ReminiscenceHover09-Open PhilatelyLink
09-01035Stewart GardinerUnited KingdomSealing and Securing the Letter “The Rise and Demise of the Wafer Seal”Hover09-Open PhilatelyLink
09-01088Birthe KingUnited KingdomThe Re-Unification of Southern Jutland with Denmark 1864-1920Hover09-Open PhilatelyLink
09-01165Daphne McMillanUnited KingdomThe Family, Life and Reign of King George VIHover09-Open PhilatelyLink
09-01211Simon MoorcroftUnited KingdomWinston Churchill - “Where did I go wrong?”Hover09-Open PhilatelyLink
09-01221Barry StaggUnited KingdomThe Messenger of Peace - the life and legacy of the missionary John WilliamsHover09-Open PhilatelyLink
09-01238Graham WintersUnited KingdomA Good Walk SpoiledHover09-Open PhilatelyLink
09-01315Peter WoodUnited KingdomThe Road to Independence - Ireland from the Act of Union to Irish Free StateHover09-Open PhilatelyLink
09-01361Robert BenninghoffUnited States of AmericaProvisional Government of Ireland Dec 1921-22Hover09-Open PhilatelyLink
09-01371Robert BenninghoffUnited States of AmericaIreland's Dual Struggle in the Great WarHover09-Open PhilatelyLink
09-01381Robert BenninghoffUnited States of AmericaThe Struggle for Irish Independence from GBHover09-Open PhilatelyTBA
09-01395Yavuz CorapciogluUnited States of AmericaFrom Smyrna to Izmir: Everyday LifeHover09-Open PhilatelyLink
09-01445Regis HoffmanUnited States of AmericaLetters to the StarsHover09-Open PhilatelyLink
09-01495Norma NielsonUnited States of AmericaThe Story of Lloyds: From Coffee to CommerceHover09-Open PhilatelyLink
11-00018Guy HeyblomBelgiumSTUDY Belgium's Royal Portrait King Baudouin, Type "VELGHE"Hover11-ModernLink
11-00095Anil ReddyIndiaHologramsHover11-ModernTBA
11-00145Kyung Ok MinKorea, Rep. ofThe Regular Stamps issued When the Basic Rate was 250 WonHover11-ModernLink
11-00195Peter Fink, JuniorSwitzerlandAerogramme for special occasionsHover11-ModernTBA
12-00015David FiggAustraliaJetties of South AustraliaHover12-10J Post CardsLink
12-00061Alexandra GlashanCanadaSymbols Add Meaning to Century Old Easter Post CardsHover12-10J Post CardsLink
12-00071DonCanadaA Canadian Soldier's Post Cards - Mailed from the Somme/Flanders WWI - May 1915 - Apr. 1916Hover12-10J Post CardsLink
12-00085Brenda HoylesCanadaThat's a Novel PostcardHover12-10J Post CardsLink
12-00138Seija-Riitta LaaksoFinlandParis by NightHover12-10J Post CardsLink
12-00215Loïc DetcheverryFranceSaint-Pierre et Miquelon and fishing at the beginning of the last century seen by postcardHover12-10J Post CardsLink
12-00265Lajos BotosHungaryHortobágy National Park - UNESCO World Heritage SiteHover12-10J Post CardsLink
12-00315Brian CallanIrelandLife on the Lee - Postcards from the River Lee, Cork City and Harbour 1900 - 1920Hover12-10J Post CardsTBA
12-00365Lindsay ChittyNew ZealandPicture postcards of the King Country, New ZealandHover12-10J Post CardsTBA
12-00418Jeff LongNew ZealandW.T.Wilson, Photographer And Postcard Publisher, Auckland, New ZealandHover12-10J Post CardsTBA
12-00498Jenny LongNew ZealandA study of New Zealand Picture PostcardsHover12-10J Post CardsTBA
12-00571Sue VernallNew ZealandWilliam Brown - Artist - Salisbury, EnglandHover12-10J Post CardsTBA
12-00585Nicolae Gabriel-OctavianRomaniaSeafaring stories. Romanian Maritime Service.Hover12-10J Post CardsTBA
12-00635Ines RopošaSloveniaPaul Finkenrath (1897-1910)Hover12-10J Post CardsTBA
12-00685Peter van der MolenSouth AfricaEarly Picture Post Cards of SwazilandHover12-10J Post CardsTBA
13-10013Leonardo DenicolBrazilLife in the seas and oceansHover13A-Youth age up to 15Link
13-10042Beatriz Vasconcelos EspindolaBrazilAnimals from the Artic and the AntarticHover13A-Youth age up to 15Link
13-10062Amelia KelbertCanadaThe World of the Monarch Butterfly (Danaus Plexippus)Hover13A-Youth age up to 15Link
13-10083Jack NixonCanadaCanada 1952-57 Wildlife SeriesHover13A-Youth age up to 15Link
13-10113Tia Kapil GogriIndiaBeyond Imagination - A Journey Through The Unusualn/a13A-Youth age up to 15TBA
13-10143Dinda Alisha RahimaIndonesiaThe Feather FriendsHover13A-Youth age up to 15TBA
13-10173Erina Firdausi ZahraIndonesiaPostal Stationery of Dutch East Indies Face of King Willem III 1874 - 1900Hover13A-Youth age up to 15TBA
13-10203FadliIndonesiaThe History of AviationHover13A-Youth age up to 15TBA
13-10233Alex VosNetherlandsHarry Potter, bewitching for all agesHover13A-Youth age up to 15TBA
13-10261Adithya SarmaUnited Arab EmiratesConserve Wildlifen/a13A-Youth age up to 15TBA
13-10272Carys LlewellynUnited KingdomWinter SportsHover13A-Youth age up to 15TBA
13-20013Silvano Felipe Cesar BorinBrazilSaint Don BoscoHover13B-Youth age 16-18Link
13-20042Tim BrownNew ZealandSure and Stedfast – The Story of the Boys’ BrigadeHover13B-Youth age 16-18TBA
13-20064Harold FernandezCubaPapel Sellado Notarial de Cuban/a13B-Youth age 16-18TBA
13-20104Christian NuñezCubaNavegar Una Fascinante Travesian/a13B-Youth age 16-18TBA
13-20142Andriani-Evropi ChristouCyprusA CHRISTMAS STORYHover13B-Youth age 16-18Link
13-20163Junge Briefmarkenfreunde HerfordGermanyFortunately characters and their meaningsHover13B-Youth age 16-18Link
13-20193Pascal KöhlerGermanyHerbivorous dinosaursHover13B-Youth age 16-18Link
13-20223Christin MüllerGermanyElephants - Giant animals with trunksHover13B-Youth age 16-18Link
13-20253Mathias SchäferGermanyEagles - Fascinating hunters in the airHover13B-Youth age 16-18Link
13-20283Annabel TampeGermanyHorses in the service of man - in the past and todayHover13B-Youth age 16-18Link
13-20314Meera KundarIndiaJainism on Philately - Live and Let Liven/a13B-Youth age 16-18TBA
13-20353Abishek SridharIndiaA Rainbow FamilyHover13B-Youth age 16-18TBA
13-20383Somyung ParkKorea, Rep. ofScienceHover13B-Youth age 16-18Link
13-20414Aurélie JungblutLuxembourgPferde (Horses)n/a13B-Youth age 16-18TBA
13-30013Sayan BagmarIndiaUnusual stamps of the World (Five Senses)n/a13C-Youth age 19-21TBA
13-30045Sheikh Nafisa Anjum AjmeBangladesh"Pakistan Overprints" Classification Of The Provisional Overprints During The First 3 Years Of Independence Used In East Bengaln/a13C-Youth age 19-21Link
13-30094Yutian LiChinaThe Service of Postage paid during the Early Period of the People’s Republic of China(1949-1957)n/a13C-Youth age 19-21Link
13-30134Niklas KöhlerGermanyWhat´s buzzing on the farmstead? Technology in agriculture formerly and todayHover13C-Youth age 19-21Link
13-30173Markus LiglGermanyThe exploration of the solar systemHover13C-Youth age 19-21Link
13-30203Marcel TampeGermanyElephantsHover13C-Youth age 19-21Link
13-30234FadliIndonesiaPostal Cards of Netherlands Indies 1874 - 1932Hover13C-Youth age 19-21TBA
13-30274Lola BraunLuxembourgTeddy Und Seine Freunden/a13C-Youth age 19-21TBA
13-30313Lakshmi NarayaniMalaysiaMalaysia - SelangorHover13C-Youth age 19-21Link
13-30344Sweta ShresthaNepalAerogrammesHover13C-Youth age 19-21TBA
13-30384Lachlan SmithNew ZealandGoldHover13C-Youth age 19-21TBA
13-30424Roger FinkSwitzerlandAerogrammes of the British EmpireHover13C-Youth age 19-21Link
13-30465Jack PreuveneersUnited KingdomSweden: from Oscar to OscarHover13C-Youth age 19-21Link
13-30514Darren CorapciogluUnited States of AmericaThe UniverseHover13C-Youth age 19-21Link
08-00010Muharem GimjaniAlbaniaAlbanian Stampn/a08-LiteratureTBA
08-00020Casielles- Lencina- MiriArgentinaCatalogo Especializado De Perforados - Republica Argentinan/a08-LiteratureTBA
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08-00050Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria Auth. Kevin J BurtAustraliaPost Office Registration Labels Of Australia And Its Territories, Icluding Papua New Guinean/a08-LiteratureTBA
08-00060Sean BurkeAustraliaThe Journal of the Rhodesian Study Circle 2018 and 2019n/a08-LiteratureLink
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08-00100Verband Österreichischer PhilatelistenvereineAustriaDie Briefmarken/a08-LiteratureTBA
08-00110Younis Al-KoohejiBahrainBahrain Through Postcardsn/a08-LiteratureTBA
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08-00160José Eduardo CimóBrazilFreemasonary In The World Of philatelyn/a08-LiteratureTBA
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The Second Issue Of Brazilian Stamps
The Collector And The Search Of Printing Flaws
08-00180Peter Meyer & Marcello Prata MeyerBrazilCatálogo De Sellos Do Brasil 2019n/a08-LiteratureTBA
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08-00220Boris KalinkovBulgariaThe Surgery Tools During The Agesn/a08-LiteratureLink
08-00230Boris KalinkovBulgaria140 Years Bulgarian Red Crossn/a08-LiteratureLink
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08-00250British North American Philatelic Society (BNAPS). Auth. David PierceyCanadaSteamship Mail In The Early Decimal Period Of Newfoundland 1865-1910n/a08-LiteratureTBA
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08-00320The Royal Philatelic Society of CanadaCanadaThe Canadian Philatelistn/a08-LiteratureTBA
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08-00460Croatian Philatelic Society ZadarCroatiaFilatelic Magazin Zadarski filatelistn/a08-LiteratureLink
08-00470Hrvatski Savez FilatelistaCroatiaHrvatski Filatelistn/a08-LiteratureLink
08-00480Berislav PervanCroatiaActa Philatelica Nova 2018n/a08-LiteratureLink
08-00490Cyprus Philatelic Society Mr. Akis Christou (President) and members of the board of DirectorsCyprusCyprus Philately - Κυπριακος Φιλοτελισμοςn/a08-LiteratureLink
08-00500Zdeněk FilípekCzech RepublicMerkur Revuen/a08-LiteratureTBA
08-00510Emanuel LukešCzech RepublicMaps And Columbus Related Philatelic Items Of His Four Voyagesn/a08-LiteratureTBA
08-00520Henrik MouritsenDenmarkDanish Postal History 1875-1907n/a08-LiteratureTBA
08-00530Amr El-EtrebyEgyptThe 1915 Provisional: A Centenary Celebrationn/a08-LiteratureTBA
08-00540Sami FereigEgyptA Postal History Of Egypt Under The Muhammad Ali Dynasty - four-volume set, 2nd Editionn/a08-LiteratureTBA
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08-00570Raphaël LivnatFranceJerusalem - The French postal in Holyland 1843-1948n/a08-LiteratureTBA
08-00580Raphaël LivnatFranceJerusalem - The French postal in Holyland 1843-1914n/a08-LiteratureTBA
08-00590Arbeitsgemeinschaft AM POST e.V. represented by Andreas WehnerGermanyEvent, Reminiscence , Memory, Special Cards, Letters And Pages Issued At The AM Post Era (19 March 1945 - 31 October 1946) In Occupied Zones Where AM Post Stamps Were Validn/a08-LiteratureTBA
08-00600Hysen DizdariGermanyGeorge Castriot Skanderbeg In The Albanian Stamps 1913-2017
08-00610Hysen DizdariGermanyArchaeology In The Albanian Stamps (1913-2018)
08-00620Hysen DizdariGermanyBirds in Albanian Stamp in Years 1913 - 2018n/a08-LiteratureTBA
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08-00700Auktionhaus Christoph GärtnerGermanyThe Transformation Of The German Postal System Between The French Revolution (1792) And The Congress Of Viennan/a08-LiteratureTBA
08-00710Global Philatelic NetworkGermanyEdition D`Or Vol. XLV: Square-Rigged Sailing Vessels - The Jonas Hällström Collectionn/a08-LiteratureTBA
08-00720Global Philatelic NetworkGermanyEdition D`Or Vol. 50: Haiti - The "Liberty Head" Issues 1881 -1887 - The Brian Moorhouse Collectionn/a08-LiteratureTBA
08-00730Global Philatelic NetworkGermanyEdition D`Or Vol. 58: Private Ship Letter Stamp Issuing Companies Up To 1900 - The Jan Berg Collectionn/a08-LiteratureTBA
08-00740Global Philatelic NetworkGermanyEdition D`Or Vol. 59: South America - Maritime Postal History 1606 - 1886; The Everaldo Santos Collectionn/a08-LiteratureTBA
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08-00760Global Philatelic NetworkGermanyEdition Spéciale: The 'Erivan' Collection - Postmasters' Provisionals: United States And Confederate Statesn/a08-LiteratureTBA
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08-00910Wolfgang MaassenGermany100 Jahre Corinphila. Von Einer Briefmarkenhandlung Zu Einem Weltweit Bekannten Auktionshaus Der Philatelie (100 Years Of Corinphila. From A Stamp Shop To A World-Famous Philatelic Auction House)n/a08-LiteratureTBA
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Volume 4: Handstamps, Postal Forms And Postal Labels
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Part 1. Districts: Perm, Kungur, Osa, Okhansk, Cherdyn, Solikamsk. Moscow. 2017, 280 p., With Illustrations.
Part 2. Districts: Verkhoturie, Ekaterinburg, Irbit, Krasnowfimsk, Kamushlov, Shadrinsk. Moscow. 2018, 275 p., With Illustrations.
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Internet Philatelist Club Of The Polish Philatelists Union - Website www.i-kf.pl
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