The exhibition has now been rescheduled to 19 to 26 February 2022

The floor plan is up-to-date but the stand holder details that can appear in the right hand panel are out of date and will be replaced shortly.

Situation as at 6 July 2020: Click here to open as pdf.
The booths in red are now available for booking.
Please note that the floor plan is not necessarily to scale.
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Main Floor Plan
1 3 7 11 16 17 18 19 22 23 24 25 26 28 29 33 34 37 41 51 53/54 55 57 58 59 60 63 64 65 67 68 70 72 73 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 83 87 91 93 95 96 98 99 101/102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 112 113 114 117 120 122 123 126 127 129 130 131 132 133 134 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 155 156 157 135 G1a G1b G2a G2b G3a G3b G4a G4b G5a G5b G6a G6b G7 G8 G9 G10a G10b G11a G11b G12 G13 G14a G14b G15a G15b G16a G16b G17a G17b G18a G18b G19 G20 G21 G22a G22b G23a G23b G24 Invited Displays VG1 VG3 VG4 VG5 VG6 Royal Mail


Mark Bloxham Stamps

Great Britain and Commonwealth with emphasis on quality. Tens of thousands of individual items always available at


Buckingham Covers

Dealer in pre-decimal and decimal first day covers and commemorative thematic covers and autographed items; also GB airmails and military.



Andrew G. Lajer

Specialist in stamps of Great Britain with the emphasis on the unusual, 1840 – 1951, including postal history, proofs, trials and issued stamps.


Auktionshaus Christoph Gartner GMBH & Co.

The internationally renowned auction and trading house, Christoph Gaertner specialises in postal history & postal stationery worldwide, thematics A – Z, numismatics, bank notes and collectibles. Benefit from our many years of business experience and global relationships. Take the opportunity for a non-binding, discreet consultation or a personal chat with an expert at stand 11. View selected lots of the 47th Gaertner June auction and pick up a free copy of the latest auction catalogue.


Ercolegloria srl

World postal history, specialised topical section, world post cards, better world stamps and varieties;’ normal’ stamps brought if wants lists are sent before the exhibition.


Japan Post Co Ltd



We specialise in worldwide rarities, both stamps and letters. These sections  are split in our listings, so that stamps and postal history are always kept.


Julien Calvier


Gert Müller Auctions GmbH

Gert Muller Philatelic and Nnumismatic Auctions offers public auctions of worldwide stamps, covers, specialised collections and complete estates. Free pick-up service for consignments.


Colonial Stamp Company

Colonial Stamp Company, founded in 1975, has served as a major US dealer in stamps of the British Empire (1840 – 1936) since its inception.  Owner George Holschauer offers concierge service in the formation of world class collections and specialises in difficult want-list fulfilment.  George is a life member of the APS, ASDA, PTS London, IFSDA and numerous others.




Phoenix Auctions

Public auction house specialising in Australia and offerings from around the world.


Bridger & Kay Ltd

We are one of the oldest established (1897) stamp dealers in the UK buying and selling stamps and postal history from the British Commonwealth (not GB).  We have an extensive stock including rare stamps, varieties, proofs and items for the specialist collector as well as a vast stock of regular sets and single stamps for the non-specialist.  We also have an extensive stock of philatelic literature.  Our associated company, Temple Bar Auctions, hold regular bi-monthly auctions.  All this can be found on our comprehensive website at


Ross-Shiells Ltd

Specialists in King George VI, Commonwealth also stock Queen Victoria – George V and QE II.


Koehler Corinphila Group

Corinphila Auktionen

Biog: The oldest stamp auction house in Switzerland, founded in 1919. All single lots of the 26-30 May auction will be available for viewing at our stand. Make use also of our free service to value your stamps, covers and collections! Consign at London for our auction in Zurich – your consignment will be in the best company!

Heinrich Koehler Auctions

Germany’s oldest stamp auction house, founded in 1913. The third auction of German States – The ERIVAN Collection will be available for viewing at our stand. Make use also of our free service to value your stamps, covers and collections! We are looking for Traditional and Specialised “One Country Collections”, “All World” Collections – Estates – Rare Stamps & Covers – Postal History.

Corinphila Veilingen

Fine Stamp Auctions in the Netherlands since 1974. Buying and selling stamps, covers, picture post cards, coins, medals and banknotes. We are looking for Traditional and Specialised “One Country” collections, “All World” collections – Estates – Rare stamps & covers – Postal History. Your consignment will be in the best company!

John Bull Stamp Auctions

Hong Kong’s oldest philatelic auction house, founded in 1975. Buying and selling of stamps, covers, picture post cards, coins, medals and banknotes. We are looking for Traditional and Specialised “One Country Collections”, “All World” Collections – Estates – Rare Stamps & Covers – Postal History.

H R Harmer

Fine Stamp Auctions since 1940. The third auction of United States – The ERIVAN Collection will be available for viewing at our stand. Make use also of our free service to value your stamps, covers and collections! We are looking for Traditional and Specialised “One Country” Collections, “All World: Collections – Estates – Rare Stamps & Covers – Postal History.


Embassy Philatelists

Great Britain specialists.



Auctioneers, valuations, accessories, albums, literature.


BB Stamps

Great Britain to date.  Mint and used.  Free 78 page price lists available.  Brand NEW website:  The most comprehensive Price List of British Stamps is available on the Internet, with over 40 000 items priced and listed.


Stanley Gibbons

Stanley Gibbons has been the home of stamp collecting since 1856, having started trading in a chemist’s shop to a now prominent West End emporium of philatelic wonders.  We specialise in Great Britain and British Commonwealth stamps, stamp auctions as well as providing award winning philatelic catalogues and accessories that are essential to the collector.


Cover Story Ltd

All world postal history pre-WWII Including extensive Europe, Levant, Middle east, Far East, Latin America and British Commonwealth.


53 TBA

54 La Poste Philatelie



Postal history and fine stamps on cover; specialising in quality GB items and now Foreign and Commonwealth sections.


Triple S Postal History Associates

Worldwide postal history and postal stationery.


India & Indian States

Dealers in all aspects of India and Indian States philately including individual stamps, postal stationery, postal history, revenues, collections from starter to international Gold Medal level.


Imperium Stamps

Trading in fine quality stamps since 1996, we stock Commonwealth stamps up to 1970.


Andrew Vaughan Philatelics Ltd

Andrew Vaughan has been trading in fine quality British stamps since 1996, stocking quality examples from 1840 onwards.


Mint GB Stamps

Just unmounted mint (mnh) perfect quality GB material 1840 – 1970


Philangles Ltd

Auctioneers, collections, postal history.


Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions / Kelleher & Rogers

America’s oldest philatelic auction house, Kelleher holds 20 public auctions annually, plus weekly internet sales, offering unrivalled access to the US market. Our Hong Kong branch, Kelleher & Rogers, presents the finest Asian stamps and covers to these enthusiastic buyers. Discover the Kelleher advantage—our 135 years’ experience can help you build (or dispose of) your collection. Come browse our Private Treaty items, learn about upcoming sales, and pick up a free copy of our popular Kelleher’s Stamp Collector’s Quarterly.


Mayfair Philatelic Ltd

Postal & public auctions, private treaty, Great Britain, Commonwealth and worldwide; specialising in early GB.



Richardson & Copp


David Feldman International Auctioneers

David Feldman International Auctioneers are one of the world’s leading philatelic auction houses, having sold more Grand Prix and Large Gold Medal collections than any other company in history.  With over 50 years’ experience, our extensive network and client base enable us to continuously achieve leading market prices at our auctions.


“Philatelic-Rarities”, Palm Beach, Florida USA

Specialised in Original Find Correspondences, Postal History and Philatelic Rarities of the World, 1840 thru WWII.


Robert Uden Philately

British Commonwealth, Europe: Austria,  France , Germany, Spain etc. postal history, airmail, Zeppelin flown mail, collections etc.


Victoria Stamp Co.

British Commonwealth: public auctions, wants lists.


Steven Scott Stamps

Steven Scott has been a regular stand holder at Stampex for the last 30 years and carries a wide range of collections and single items from countries A – Z.  He was the owner of the London Strand Stamp centre until 2016 and now sends out regular Daily Offers by email with a well described range of fine collections and single items.  To receive these, visit


Korean Stamp Corporation in Moscow

Further details when available.


Castlerock, Latin American Countries

Representing 12 Latin American Postal Administrations



Quality Italian and international stamps.  Syllexys specialises in Italian area (Italy – ancient states, Kingdom, Colonies and Republic, Vatican State and San Marino), rarities from Europe, Commonwealth and British Empire; also focusing on world thematics.



Cherrystone Auctions

Cherrystone is a global leader in Philatelic Auctions, bringing over $30 million worth of stamps and postal history to the market yearly.  Our frequently held public auctions in the heart of New York City feature the widest selection of philatelic material in the world, with a focus on rarity and exceptional quality.


John Curtin

We are one of the country’s leading buyers and sellers of stamp collections.  From medal winning collections of Aden to lifetime accumulations of Zanzibar, we’ve seen it all!  For 50 years, John has developed a network of quality clients.  If there’s something you need or something to sell, give us a call!


Bill Barrell Ltd

Bill barrell Ltd specialises in GB postal history and stamps from earliest times to date, we have great stocks of Postal History from most counties.  1d blacks, 2d blues, Mulreadys, caricatures, imperf/perf 1d reds, cancellations, surface printed, Crimean War, modern commercial mail and much more.

Doreen Royan

Great Britain and British Commonwealth 1840 – 1970; Rarities, Errors & Varieties. Specialise in British Africa.

David Morrison

Specialising in British Commonwealth Postal History and unusual worldwide postal incidents, including shipwreck and rail crash mail, and mail involved in floods, robberies, hijackings and natural disasters. All my items are available for viewing on my website store:


Worldwide postal history

Willard S Allman

British Commonwealth postal history exclusively; pre-1953 emphasis.  All aspects including censored, instructional mailings, cancellations, interesting frankings and usages.  All areas except BNA.



Spink & Son Ltd

Auctioneers, dealers, valuations, specialising in stamps, coins, banknotes, medals, bond& shares, autographs and wine.


Michael Chipperfield

Fine and rare items of Great Britain and selected rarities in other countries.


Bolaffi SPA

Soler Y Llach


Mulready Philatelics


Willem Van Der Bijl


QV Pennies

GB line engraved (1d reds, 1d blacks, 2d blues and others) on and off cover; postal history and old letters (largely QV and earlier); Channel Islands WW2 occupation covers, Red Cross Messages and other documents.


Pascal Behr

Classic stamps, covers of the world.


Mark Harvey

Extensive British Commonwealth stock with emphasis on rare stamps, errors, varieties, proofs, and specialist material.  Regular illustrated lists available.  Wants lists invited.


Lianne & Sergio Sismondo


Cavendish Philatelic Auctions Ltd

World Class international auctioneers of fine stamps, postal history, related books and ephemera.


Mowbray Collectables

New Zealand’s largest stamp and coin dealers and auction house. Established for 55 years.  Mostly postal sales (all world) and regular international public auctions.  Extensive stocks of New Zealand, Pacific Islands and Commonwealth available.  Auction consignments always welcome with settlements available in any currency.  Member of all major Dealers’ Associations worldwide.



Covers of the world; postal history, stamps: France and world collections.


Honegger Philatelie A G

Swiss classic stamps and covers, rarities, units.  The world’s largest stock of Swiss classic philately.  We are buying and selling, having been in the business for more than 50 years.


Edmonds & Turner

Great Britain, all periods, specialising in QE II.  eBay: capital-collectables


Vincennes Philatelie

France, Andorra, Monaco, FDCs, French Colonies, French Territories and postal history.


Grosvenor Philatelic Auctions Ltd

Auctioneers of Great Britain, British Empire and World stamps, including postal history.


John & Mark Taylor

Selections from the ‘Rarely Available’ stock of John & Mark Taylor will be on show.


Richard Juzwin Australasia

Australia specialised, New Guinea, Papua, North West Pacific Islands, GRI opt.


British & Colonial Stamps Ltd

British Commonwealth, Great Britain.


Robert A Siegel Auctions

Auctioneer: specialising in British, Commonwealth, United States and the world.


James Bendon

Since 1970 I have been buying and selling specimen stamps of the world.  Many fine and unusual items are available for your examination.


Prinz Publications

Philatelic Accessories: we are UK agents for Prinz, Ka-Be and Lindner, specialist suppliers of stamp mounts, stock sheets, hingeless printed albums and all philatelic accessories, including catalogues and Michel products.


Eric Paul (Stamps) Ltd

We buy and sell GB QV line engraved to King George VI.  As publishers of the Essential Guide to the Line Engraved 1d & 2d Stars by Kenneth Statham, we specialise in the 1d and 2d Imperf and perf Stars plated and un-plated as well as GB Used Abroad.


Argyll Etkin Ltd

Argyll Etkin buy and sell Stamps, Postal History and royalty memorabilia in the heart of London’s West End. Established in 1958, we hold regular Auctions of classic stamps and postal history. Our remarkable worldwide stock of classic and postal history includes British Empire, Crash & Wreck mail Die proofs and specimens.


Leuchtturm Albenverlag GmbH & Co/Dauwalders of Salisbury

Welcome to London 2020 where once again Dauwalders will carry a range of accessories from the world famous Lighthouse product range. Please visit us and request a copy of the latest Lighthouse catalogue.  Our knowledgeable staff will be pleased to discuss with you the range of over 6 000 Lighthouse products.


Gary J Lyon Philatelists Ltd & Eastern Auctions

An extensive inventory of rare stamps and postal history of Canada, Newfoundland, Maritime Provinces and British Columbia, from classics to modern era. Retail offerings as well as public and mail auction catalogues.



Martin Townsend

GB POSTAL HISTORY 1300 – 1920, including Mulready, Ship Letters, Counties, Channel Islands etc.  GB stamps 1840 – 1940 including proofs, specimens, colour trials etc.  Exhibition quality material available.


Christopher Green Ltd


Postiljonen A B

Postiljonen AB is the international stamp auction house in Scandinavia and was founded in 1968, the first auction was held in 1970.  We arrange at least two large international auctions every year featuring high quality items, with a catalogue that is fully illustrated in colour and entirely in English.  Postiljonen participates in most of the important stamp exhibitions worldwide


Chris Rainey

British Commonwealth, postal history.


Pilatte Gilles

France, French colonies, thematics, proofs and worldwide


Gerald Bodily

Proofs, essays, specimens and postal history of the world with emphasis on the British Colonial era.



Delcampe, the greatest marketplace for collectors! Delcampe is an international web company.  It provides its services as a marketplace for buying and selling collectibles to both professionals and private individuals.  Over 150 000 new items are put up for sale on our websites every day for a community of over 1 300 000 passionate collectors.


Champion Stamps Company




Schuyler Rumsey Philatelic Auctions


Anthony Baker

Fine stamps from Great Britain and the Commonwealth.

141 GmbH

PhilaSearch offers an internet platform for stamps and coins and antiques with live bidding software for auction houses and dealers.


Rolli Auctions Ltd.

Swiss auction house since 1975 for Switzerland, Liechtenstein as well as worldwide collections and rarities.



American Philatelic Society

The APS, joining with the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors and the AmericanTopical Association, will be promoting philatelic exhibitions in the United States. We will be providing information for two upcoming international exhibitions, Chicago 2021 and Boston 2026


Posta Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands welcomes you to visit our stand and see our wide range of exciting stamps, minisheets, first day covers, blackprints, franking labels and franking labels holders. Foe the London 2020 exhibition Posta Faroe Islands issues four post cards with four franking label especially to honour the 2020 exhibition theme 150 years of the post card.

Ireland Postal Service – An Post


Guernsey Post Ltd/Jersey Post

Guernsey Post has designed and produced new issue stamps since 1969. Visit our stand to see our new issues which cover many local and thematic topics and include first day covers, presentation packs and limited edition products.

Jersey Post has issued its own stamps since 1969 and enjoys a worldwide reputation in terms of design & print.  Visit us on Stand 145 for new and recent stamps featuring a variety of subjects, First Day Covers, Presentation Packs, Post & Go and special products.

Isle of Man Postal


Benham (VF) LTD


Monaco Philatelic Bureau

The Monaco Philatelic Bureau is responsible for the design, the dissemination, the sales and promotion of the monegasque postage stamps. Monaco has issued its own stamps since 1885 and the quality of the stamps is recognised as for the techniques used , the subjects and the quantity printed. Visit us on stand 147 to discover the variety of our products.



Postal bid sales, early Australia, Papua New Guinea.


Hamiltons for Stamps

Philatelic dealer for 30 years; specialist in Australian Postal Stationery, Revenue Stamps and Australian stamps 1850 – 1970.  We also stock world Postal History and better Commonwealth items. Looking for something different we are a friendly face you can rely on to take care of your philatelic needs.


Brisbane Stamps

Specialist in Australia(States, Roos, George V and VI and decimal), classic British India, GB and British Commonwealth, Postal History, Flight Covers, revenue/fiscal stamps and documents. Australia unusuals, limited edition and stamp show products. World thematics. I have some items to take your exhibit to the next level. Please do come and have a chat with me.


Dauwalders of Salisbury

Britain’s largest stamp store carries a stock of worldwide stamps with emphasis on Great Britain and Commonwealth.  We keep a comprehensive stock of albums and accessories.


Literature Display / Reading Room


Stamp Collector Magazine

Ramsdens (Mike Roberts)


Investphila S A

Investphila SA, founded and chaired by Guido Craveri, has been present in Switzerland since 1981.  It has published numerous prestigious auction and private treaty catalogues, deserving to be counted among the leading philatelic auction houses. Guido Craveri, Chairman Emeritus of the Council of Philatelists, was awarded the Philatelic Achievement Award in 2006 by the Smithsonian National Postal Museum in Washington.


H.W. Wood



The Postal Museum


Liquidation Stocks 2020

World stamps and postal history discounted on original prices plus Special Purchase material. Mostly pre-1950 in small, easy-to-browse  boxes. Fresh material will be added during the show, ending with a Last Day clearance. To ensure that we clear stocks, we cannot reserve material  overnight.


Trevor Pateman

Specialist dealer for Russia and related areas, notably for 1917 - 1923, and author of the well-known Blog, . For London 2020 specialist items and collections of British Empire, Latin America and Western Europe are also on offer, including Proof and Revenue material.



All world thematics and new issues.


London Philatelists


Stephen T Taylor

Transatlantic mail pre-UPU, USA to and from UK & Europe; pioneer steamers; maiden final & interrupted voyages; discriminatory, retaliatory, restored &treaty rates; unusual routes; scarce origins & destinations; also post 1875 transatlantic sea post, supplementary mail & late fees, UK/US & US/German treaty rates.  USA stamps, covers and postal history, including Confederate States, Cuba, Guam, Hawaii, Philippines & Puerto Rico.


Bill Pipe/Magpie

Postal history via postal auctions and at fairs.


Antonio Torres UK Ltd

Sellers and auctioneers of worldwide better postal history.


Heiner Zinoni

Postal history.


Fyns Frimaerke Service

Selling postal history, covers and picture postcards, whole world, especially Denmark and Scandinavia.  Sold at shows and exhibitions in North Europe and from our webshop: Selling postal history, covers and picture post cards, whole world, especially Denmark and Scandinavia.  Sold at shows and exhibitions in northern Europe and from our web shop:


Philatelists Frank Banke Jorgensen

Pre-stamp, classic stamps and postal history of Denmark, Slesvig 1920 and Schleswig-Holstein, Danish West Indies, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland Tranquebar, Serampore and Danish Gold Coast (Ghana).  Visit our website to view some of our selection.


Goran Fredrickson

Sells covers and post cards, all world,, but especially Scandinavia; also topics on cover.


Robert Danzig

Great Britain, line engraved, postal history, fine stamps


John Curtin Ltd

We are one of the country’s leading buyers and sellers of stamp collections.  From medal winning collections of Aden to lifetime accumulations of Zanzibar, we’ve seen it all!  For 50 years, John has developed a network of quality clients.  If there’s something you need or something to sell, give us a call!


Beckett Philatelics Ltd

Wholesale only.


John Auld Alliance

We are general dealers with a specialist stock of postal history, also entire collections of cinderellas, GB FDCs, China etc.  We operate regular public auctions and are happy to take consignments and also to buy.


GB, naval world covers & stamps

Fine GB items, FDCs, Post & Go FDCs and mint, Smilers sheets, Coin covers, Mini-sheets prestige & retail booklets, presentation packs and much more.


Chas Stamps

British Commonwealth, covers, Rhodesia.


Tristan Brittain

Dealer in rare stamps with over a decade of experience in the stamp trade, we offer real advice and information to our customers.

Eddie Foley

Eddie Foley offers a worldwide range of THEMATICS and WORLD mint stamps, souvenir sheets, sheetlets, FDCs, covers, proofs and imperfs; all themes covered from beginners to advanced collectors; also offering material not shown for the last ten years, including WORLD old stock in binders @50% off selling prices


1st for Stamps
GB: QV – QEII and Commonwealth, QV – G VI.


Stamp Active Network

Stamp Active will be providing free activities for young and novice collectors.  Youngsters will receive free stamps, goodie bags and activity books and be able to take part in fun activities including stamp art workshops and games.  There will also be help on hand for any collectors who are new to the hobby and want help to get started.


Royal Philatelic Society London

The Royal Philatelic Society London is the oldest philatelic Society in the world, established in 1869 as The Philatelic Society, London. The home of philatelic excellence, expertise and friendship, "The Royal", as the Society is universally known, has over 1500 overseas members, and about 900 members in the United Kingdom, and its libraries, collections and archives go back to the beginning of the postage stamp and beyond.


Carmichael & Todd

Pre-stamp, world postal history, proofs, essays and classics. AEIP expert & certificates provided for: Afghanistan, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Mexico, North Korea.  Probate and estate valuations.


Cambridgeshire Philatelic Auctions

CPA are Philatelic Auctioneers dealing in all world but specialising in Commonwealth and GB, holding 3 sales a year. For our May Prestige Sale we hope to have estimates of £1 million. We buy and sell collections, give valuations for probate and insurance, and we have an active Ebay shop.


History Store Ltd

History Store trades in ephemera and artefacts with particular emphasis upon the Industrial Revolution, Maritime, Military and postaly related documents, organised by location or theme.  We also publish stationery and greetings cards using images from our archive of Victorian and Edwardian originals.

G15b Ltd

Specialities: postal history & postal stationery.


Candlish McCleery Ltd

Great Britain only, 1840 – 1980, specialising in 1911 – 1951, including all stitched booklets, shades, controls, varieties, coils, trials etc.  Free illustrated monthly list available.


J F Stamps (Denmark)

Scandinavia, Germany with colonies and areas, Baltic states; postal history and stamps from more than 200 areas.


Thames Themes

Thematic and topical stamps including essay and proof material as available.  Birds are our speciality.  We also stock stamps from Latin America, Falklands and Antarctica by country.


Martin Appleton

Specialities: Commonwealth, foreign and thematics.


North Staffs Stamps

British Commonwealth from 1870 – 1970 mainly priced from £10.  Other Commonwealth items together with some foreign and thematics are also available on the websites.


David Mouser

My time at 2020 will be selling cheaper end World Covers, from £3 upwards.


Alan Berman

Specialising in aerophilately, air mail covers, military, postal history and Zeppelins.


Ian Perry Stamps

We specialise in Australasia and New Zealand.


China Philately

China, British Commonwealth and Great Britain with a good selection of First day Covers.


Paper Heritage

Foreign stamps, Classics to fairly modern: Europe including good Spain, German Privatpost (Stadpost), Swiss Soldier stamps.  Extensive Latin America, French Colonies, Italian Colonies, Portuguese Colonies, Turkey, Ethiopia, Liberia, foreign Africa, Asia & Middle East.  Also GB 1971 strike Post and most thematics, notably railways.


Robert Danzig

GB line engraved, postal history, fine stamps on covers, postal stationery, illustrated envelopes, Channel Islands, ephemera, stamp boxes, philatelic literature and much more.


John Lister Ltd

Great Britain and British Commonwealth stamps, covers, S/S, M/S and sheetlets, both mint and fine used 1947 – 2007  listed by country and theme on our website.  For 2020 we will also have many old catalogues, magazines and postal history for sale as we are having a big clear out.


The Revenue Society

An international society promoting collection of revenue/fiscal stamps and documents.  Our stand will be selling members’ material and new and second hand books on revenue stamps.

G24 Invited Displays

Postal Stationery Society, Invited displays


Abacus Auctions

Full-service auction house in Melbourne specialising in stamps, postal history, picture postcards, cigarette and trade cards, sporting memorabilia, posters and maps, share scrip, coins, bank notes, medals and militaria.  Catalogues on request.





Warwick & Warwick

Warwick and Warwick are one of the UK’s leading auction houses with over 60 years’ experience in the market. As auctioneers and valuers of collectables, they hold monthly philatelic auction sales and in addition regular sales of coins and banknotes, toys, post cards and cigarette card and medals and militaria.


IGPC International Postal Agency

We are an agency, founded in 1957, which provides postal consultancy, design and production, sales and distribution of stamps and associated material for more than 70 international postal administrations. We are proud to represent every major race, religion and culture in the world. (my write up – they don’t reply!)


India Post Office


Royal Mail

Royal Mail

Royal Mail will mark the show with a range of products online and from our stand on the Village Green. In addition, there will also be a show exclusive souvenir stamp sheet issued on 2nd May and only available from our stand at the show. A new issue for the 75th anniversary of VE Day will be issued during the show, on 8th May 2020.