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The following meetings have so far been booked.

Burma(M)PSCSat2 May12:00-14:00Meeting
British West Indies Study Circle (BWISC)Sat2 May14:00-18:00Meeting
Exhibitions Study Group Sat2 May16:00-18:00Meeting
Les Maximaphiles Fran├žaisSun3 May10:00-12:00Meeting
Nepal and Tibet Philatelic Study Circle Sun3 May12:00-14:00Meeting
FEPA Youth SeminarSun3 May12:00-14:00Meeting
Postal Stationery SocietySun3 May14:00-16:00Meeting
Irish Philatelic CircleSun3 May14:00-16:00Meeting
Postal History Society Mon4 May10:00-14:00Meeting
Bangladesh Philatelic FederationMon4 May12:00-14:00Meeting
FEPA Postcard SeminarMon4 May12:00-14:00Meeting
FIP Astrophilately Commission Mon4 May14:00-16:00Meeting
King George V Silver Jubilee Study CircleMon4 May14:00-16:00Meeting
George VI Collectors Society Mon4 May14:00-18:00Meeting
Forces PHSTues5 May12:00-14:00Meeting
China Philatelic Society of LondonTues5 May12:00-14:00Meeting
Ceylon SCTues5 May14:00-16:00Meeting
Perfin SocTues5 May14:00-16:00Meeting
Rhodesian Study Circle Tues5 May10:00-14:00Meeting
India Study Circle Tues5 May16:00-18:00Meeting
Iran Philatelic Study Circle Tues5 May16:00-18:00Meeting
Association of British Philatelic SocietiesWed6 May10:00-18:00 (all day)Table
British West Indies Study Circle (BWISC)Wed6 May10:00-18:00 (all day)Table
Czechoslovak PS of GBWed6 May10:00-18:00 (all day)Table
Forces PHSWed6 May10:00-18:00 (all day)Table
Hungarian PS GBWed6 May10:00-18:00 (all day)Table
Polar PHS of GBWed6 May10:00-18:00 (all day)Table
RPS CanadaWed6 May10:00-18:00 (all day)Table
West Africa Study CircleWed6 May10:00-18:00 (all day)Table
GBPSWed6 May10:00-18:00 (all day)Table
Burma(Myanmar) Philatelic Study CircleWed6 May10:00-18:00 (all day)Table
Postal Stationery SocietyWed6 May10:00-18:00 (all day)Table
Bromley & Beckenham PSWed6 May10:00-18:00 (all day)Table
South African Collectors' Society Wed6 May10:00-18:00 (all day)Table
British Society of Australian Philately (BSAP) Wed6 May10:00-18:00 (all day)Table
Egypt Study CircleWed6 May10:00-18:00 (all day)Table
Gay and Lesbian History on StampsWed6 May10:00-12:00Meeting
Great Britain Philatelic SocietyWed6 May12:00-14:00Meeting
Hungarian PS GBWed6 May12:00-14:00Meeting
Society of Postal Historians (SPH)Wed6 May14:00-16:00Meeting
Cyprus Study CircleThur7 May12:00-14:00Meeting
Falkland Islands SCThur7 May12:00-14:00Meeting
SarawakThur7 May12:00-14:00Meeting
European Academy of PhilatelyThur7 May12:00-14:00Meeting
New Zealand Society of Great BritainThur7 May14:00-16:00Meeting
Pakistan SCThur7 May14:00-16:00Meeting
FIP Postal History Commission Thur7 May14:00-16:00Meeting
European Academy of PhilatelyFri8 May10:00-18:00 (all day)Meeting
Pacific Islands SCFri8 May12:00-16:00Meeting
GB Overprints Society Fri8 May14:00-16:00Meeting
FIP Postal Stationery Seminar Fri8 May14:00-16:00Meeting
Concord Study CircleSat9 May10:00-12:00Meeting
Czechoslovak PS of GBSat9 May10:00-12:00Meeting
A&SAG and IOSC jointSat9 May12:00-14:00Meeting
Egypt Study CircleSat9 May12:00-14:00Meeting
Southern African Study CirclesSat9 May12:00-14:00Meeting
The Wreck and Crash Mail SocietySat9 May14:00-18:00Meeting